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Parole For Lennon's Killer? Oh No!

8/12/2008 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No need to imagine at least two more years of slammer time for John Lennon's killer -- he just got denied parole, for the fifth time.

Mark David Chapman just got the big red X from the parole board at Attica, meaning he'll have to serve at least two more years there for the 1980 killing of the Beatle before his next chance at freedom. Parole peeps noted that MDC has had a clean record since 1994 but that his release "would not be in the best interest of the community."

Yoko had lobbied yesterday against Chapman's release.


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I say let the SOB out. An eye for an eye dude, how long do you think this sociopathic creep will last on the streets? I vote Yoko takes him out.

Personally, I don't know why he's in prison and not a mental institution, he's clearly deeply troubled and still far too unstable to be let out into society anyway. He's a sociopath who took the life of someone's husband and father, not to mention a musical and lyrical genius. And yeah, what is the difference between John and the average man or woman or child who's lives are taken by creeps just like this? I'm for torching all of them, if you take someone's life in cold blood? You don't deserve to keep yours.

And I agree, totally Perez. One in the same.

2201 days ago

pattie in cali    

WE LOVE YA JOHN, miss ya too

2201 days ago

Zach's grandma    

I don't believe in Parole,you get 50 years you do 50.

And murder should be death penalty when there is no doubt who did it.

2201 days ago

jen jen    

he killed lennon so he could have his 15 minutes of fame. i thought reporters werent ever going to mention his name again for that reason. was that a myth?

2201 days ago


Let that M*&#%@r F#$*@r rot in hell FOREVER!!!!!

2201 days ago


no mental cruelty, no physical torture, NO chance of parole.

2201 days ago


You just realized the gravity of what you did? Dude, you took the life of someone who was just getting his sea-legs as a solo artist. He wrote and co-wrote some of the best songs that still last today. And you a nothing, a nobody! No matter what disease you had, you were no John Lennon! You were and are a fat dork with no future. A lot of people related to John Lennon. Yes, Yoko sucked the life out of The Beatles, but know that John's downfall begin with that non-talented love-you-long-time cooter. You should stop asking for Parole. Jail is your safe zone simply because if you got Parole, you would most likely get the same fate that you give John Lennon. So Coo coo, kachoo - muther effer and sit back, enjoy your "wife" and live on mine and the taxpayers dime.

2195 days ago



2192 days ago

R. Geroux.    

I can't see any good from Mr.Chapman ever being released.The only blessing beyond John's music is Chapman's lonley time behind bars. So for all who remember Dec 8th 1980 and those who now know that terrible evening, to hell with Chapman.

2144 days ago


John Lennon was a man that was all about peace and to kill someone it's just not right he deserves everything and anything that happens to him. If John was still alive mabye the world would be a better place.

R.I.P John Lennon

I give all my condolences to Yoko and John and Yoko's to sons.

1333 days ago


Chapman should NEVER be released into society. he killed a man, who just so happens to have been one of the greatest pop songwriter's we have ever seen. In fact, I think Chapman should have been executed!

526 days ago


Chapman should never be allowed parole. He isn't fit for nor deserves to live a life outside of prison! He murdered one of the most incredible pop songwriters and musicians of our time. That's all John Lennon believed in was Peace! Chapman should have been executed! He murdered a peaceful, productive genius! When murder is proven, the criminal should be executed. Period. No questions asked!

526 days ago
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