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Michael Phelps

Cereal Killer

8/20/2008 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsFive out of five dentists say Michael Phelps is all wet -- when it comes to his choice of breakfast cereal.

Health experts are going nuts because Mikey likes Frosted Flakes, and is going to be on the FF box rather than a Wheaties box, like pretty much every other big-shot athlete. They're all up in arms because Flakes has three times as much sugar as Wheaties and only a fraction of the fiber. Not so grrrrrreat after all?!

We've put in a call to the Wheaties peeps, but haven't heard back yet.

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No Avatar


Corn Flakes NOT Frosted Flakes.

2257 days ago

merman fan    

Michael Phelps is not a sell out, he is just taking advantage of the opportunitites while he can. He's got to take what he can get while the getting is good. You know how fickle we are as a society. Six months from now it will "michael who?" and we will have moved on to whatever lindsey, britney crap that's happening at the time. Give the guy a break.

2257 days ago


like little bits of styrofoam.
FFlakes much better.
Must be why Mike has such great teeth...:0

2257 days ago


Who cares if Michael Phelps' picture is on a box of Frosted Flakes? It's not like we'll be seeing him on a bottle of Jack Daniels! He likes Frosted Flakes...Give him a break!

2257 days ago

hot snot    

until one of you f u c k t a r d s that is so jealous because he is making money can say that you have won and lived up to the hype I would honestly suggest you keep that ideal of living like a welfare case to yourselves. Im so sorry you cannot even phathom acheiving such greatness in your lifetime, but in all honesty what it really comes down to is jealousy. I would rather see a man that busts his a s s 5 hours a day training for his dreams make money that some reality slut walking down the street pocket dollars for endorsing a clothing line. You can slam on me all you want because I am sitting here laughing at your pathetic attempts to put someone down for being the greatest olympic athelete in history. Congratulations to Michael Phelps for making his dreams come true and winning 8 gold medals. He deserves every single cheer and DIME that comes to him!

2257 days ago


News Flash - children do not like to eat Wheaties.

Another News Flash - neither do most adults

2257 days ago


Every day, I am astonished when I read blogs or comments on different matters and realize just how ignorant, uneducated and uninformed Americans are (in generally). How is Phelps selling out when he endorses a product that he likes and uses rather than endorsing the traditional product that he does not like or use? Lesson 1 (1st grade level): Selling out would be to endorse "Wheaties" because it's tradition or for the money even if you do not use the product! Michael Phelps does not owe anyone anything including justification for his personal and business choices. He has more than earned his Tiger stripes and he's Grrrrrrrreat!!!

2257 days ago


he's not sellin out he's being himself He also listen's to lil wayne before every match . The kid is down to earth !!!! real baltimore cat!

2257 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    


You are a angry little man...how sad you pathetic loser...
Now go back in your closet.

Nobel? Cereal? Your are a joker.

2257 days ago


YOU PEOPLE ArE BITTER HATERS, what u want him to do prep h ad's??? sellin out is brett favre doin wrangler commercils. and chad johnson pretending to be a celebrity

2257 days ago


Even my husband, who loves Wheaties, puts sugar on top of them. They are bland and disgusting. like eating cardboard.

2257 days ago

love her!    

He's awesome! If ADHD and Frosted Flakes can bring joy to our country and the guy with all the gold is the result of sugar highs...More power to him! GO PHELPS!!!!

2257 days ago


How is Michael Phelps a sellout for appearing on Frosted Flakes instead of Wheates!? Most families I know don't even like Wheates. Kids certainly don't and I don't know too many adults that eat it either!

Instead of riding him on how he's not being a role model for your kids for not being on the Wheaties box, why don't you be parents and get your kids active and out of the house! For that matter, I'll bet half of you aren't even active yourself! Quit hating! If he'd rather be on Frosted Flakes (especially if he ACTUALLY eats them too) then that's his choice!

2257 days ago


HEY!!! Will you people get a grip! This guy is an athelete. He's never going to be invited to Oslo to receive the Nobel Prize.

2257 days ago


Who in the hell eats Wheaties? No one. So he's endorsing what he actually eats...SHOCKING! Cereals have tons of sugar in them, but if these lazy assed kids today would get off their fat asses and parents would actually parent, kids wouldn't be so fat. It's called exercise people. Phelps is an athlete with a fit and trim body that he worked hard to get. You fat bastards saying disparaging comments are jealous because he's making more money now than you'll see in a lifetime. And that your so fat and greasy, you haven't seen your toes since Bush got into office.

2257 days ago
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