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Michael Phelps

Cereal Killer

8/20/2008 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsFive out of five dentists say Michael Phelps is all wet -- when it comes to his choice of breakfast cereal.

Health experts are going nuts because Mikey likes Frosted Flakes, and is going to be on the FF box rather than a Wheaties box, like pretty much every other big-shot athlete. They're all up in arms because Flakes has three times as much sugar as Wheaties and only a fraction of the fiber. Not so grrrrrreat after all?!

We've put in a call to the Wheaties peeps, but haven't heard back yet.

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Cry me a river J-Lo. No one cares about you, your cadaver husband or your brats.

2221 days ago


Does anyone in the world care about this? Either you eat Wheaties (yuk) or FF (yuk) - a person's pic won't make kids eat Wheaties anyway!

2221 days ago

Area Man    

He didn't sell out. He chose to go with cereal he actually eats rather than pretending he eats Wheaties. Honesty - what a novel idea.

2221 days ago


Hopefully he'll get an orthodontist endorsement as well.

2221 days ago


I think it's fabulous! I like to believe he is not 'selling out' at all. If he went with Wheaties, 'just because' THAT would be selling out.

2221 days ago

go away    

He is only endorsing things that he acutally uses,. He loves Frosted Flakes, he has never eaten wheaties so why the hell should he endorse them??? That is crazy. Wheaties people are just pissed because they wanted the Golden Boy for themselves.

2221 days ago

Phelps Phan    

This is no way makes Phelps a sell out- going on a Wheaties box would be more of one because he doesn't actually eat them. He's endorsing a product that he actually enjoys eating. I don't think kids would buy Wheaties just because he was on the box-- they still taste like cardboard regardless of the athlete. Good for Mikey to break from the norm and go on a cereal that he would eat. The guy won 8 medals and made the Olympics bigger than they have ever been in America. He could replace Fred on the Fruity Pebbles box and I wouldn't care.

2221 days ago


I don't care what he himself eats, no one but another athlete is able to eat like that without dire consequences. He shouldn't be telling the average child it's ok to eat like that! I hope this isn't true.

2221 days ago


Alot of people are calling Phelps a sellout because he is going to have his mug on OMG Frosted Flakes!! Yes everyone needs a role model. No athlete trains for the joy of being a role model that is their job! Nothing role model about it except in the misconceptions and idealistic fantasys of people who feel that they are intitled to enforce the term role model on anyone who is in the public eye. Phelps role as an athlete is has been his job a way for him eventualy make money at.To me a sell out is someone who will endorse a product when in reality they eat another brand. Phelps eats FF so what better fit then for him to be on there box. If he had ended up on the Wheaties box that would of made him a sell out because that is not his brand of choice-- He would of ended up like all the other Olympic sell outs who have been on the wheaties box who dont eat it --- like can we say Mary LOu Retton

2221 days ago


I think it's great. I always tell people we don't have enough fatties in this country.

Thank you Michael!

2221 days ago


Michael Phelps has earned the right to be on whatever box he wants to be. Besides, the only thing that makes Wheaties taste decent is adding a ton of sugar. So?

2221 days ago


I love Frosted Flakes! and I suffered through a box of Wheaties when he was on the box the last time. So yay, for being on cereal I actually eat in the morning.

and don't they make Frosted Flakes with 1/3 less sugar?

Frosted Flakes are awesome and so is Michael Phelps, so Health officials go worry about something else in the world like sugar in everything else we eat!

2221 days ago


I can't believe how many mindless LEMMINGS there are on this blog. The only reason this is a scandal for many of you, is because TMZ told you to be outraged. If you could formulate a thought for yourself, you would realize that Olympic athletes don't earn much money at all, and their only reward for punishing their bodies with relentless training, and pushing themselves to a limit your fat asses couldn't possibly understand, is bringing the glory of a gold medal (or 8) to their home country~~Aside from that, the ONLY way they "rake in the millions" is through endorsements. He EARNED that right! He's endorsing a freakin' breakfast cereal for christ's sake, he's not pimping out crack like Amy Winehouse, the cocain diet like all of hollywood, prostitution like the rap industry, or ignorance-fueled outrage like TMZ. Get a grip! The guy is practicing good business decisions that harm no-one. Phelps is not rn any way responsible to raise your lazy, obese kids with rotted teeth---Your kids and their problems are your fault!

2221 days ago

just bcuz    

And this is any different from the Manning brothers being on Oreo Cookies???
umm...BIG DEAL

2221 days ago


ATTENTION- Suprise, TMZ was wrong.

Michael Phelps will NOT be on Frosted Flakes. He's going to be on CORN Flakes.

Eat your words all you haters. Now that he's on a healthier cereal, I hope you all take back your lashing out. Regardless of the cereal box, Michael Phelps is an Olympic hero. He could be on Count Chocula and I wouldn't care. Children don't eat Wheaties for the athletes... they don't eat it period.

Not to mention, if parents don't want their kids to eat Frosted Flakes-- don't buy them. Parenting - try it.

2221 days ago
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