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Bloody Sunday -- Kim K. Rushed to ER

8/25/2008 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KardashianThe new season of "Dancing With the Stars" may have already lost its first competitor -- and they haven't even announced the official cast yet.

Kim Kardashian -- who is scheduled to be on the show this season -- badly cut her foot in her hotel room late Sunday night. We're told she sliced her foot open on a glass coffee table and was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital. No word on how many stitches she needed, but a source tells TMZ there was "so much blood, it looked like a murder scene."

"DWTS" makes its official cast announcement this morning and Kim is in town to do press for that and her new movie, "Disaster Movie." We're told Kim already has begun to practice for the show, but it's unclear now whether she'll be able to participate.


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los angeles guy    

Dancing with the stars now with a porno star?????
My mom watches this show and I can't wait to tell her what this girl is famous for.

2253 days ago


She got urinated on and then cut her foot? It is like a murder scene? OMG!!!

Maybe she should wash the pee off of her and her and her foot will be ok? JMO...

DWTS I hope is not headed to the gutter. My Mom loves to watch that and it irritaes my Dad...

2253 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Great news! I don't like her and I've never watched DWTS. It means zero to me.

2253 days ago

To hell with her    

Why is a do nothing like kim karTRASHian being asked to be on any program? what has she done? Acting? Nope - she can't act to save her life, and it's not her profession; she couldn't even act in that porn film she made. Sing? Nope - can't sing. Dance? Nope - that fat butt of hers makes her totally uncoordinated. She's famous for being peed on; that's it. She has done absolutely NOTHING with her life, except for chasing the media like pearass smellton. If DWTS takes on a human urinal like her, they should rename the show "Dancing with the fame-whores".

2253 days ago


Why is dancing with the "stars" putting this human urinal on the air? She's not a "star". Far from it; she's an attention demanding media whore, that's it. I mean, really; what has she done with her life besides chase the media? Act? You gotta be kidding me; she's as much of an actress as that other bimbo, carmen electra. With the exception of getting peed on in a porm film, she's as worthless as a 5th wheel on a car. Sing? Nope, can't sing a lick. Dance? Nope, that huge fat ass of hers prevents her from being the slightest bit coordinated.

If dancing with the "stars" is going to sink this low, they should rename the show "dancing with the fame whores". Another program I won't be catching, now or forever...

2253 days ago


Cut her foot on a coffee table? You KNOW she was up dancing like a hoochie on it

2253 days ago


I hope you heal fast soon, Kim. I enjoy watching ":Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

2253 days ago

Matthew Simpson    

With the exception of TMZ staff, is there anyone on the planet who gives a rat's a** about this no-talent waste of a human being?

2253 days ago


Do not know about her or her family. I understand she got urinated on and has a reality show? Also her rich DAD died a while back? I think we should all pitch in for some band-aids and disenfectant. Good luck Kardishans??

2253 days ago


Hmm Cloris leechman will do anything to get back her spot on the show.

2253 days ago


yeah and theres thousands of kids not sleeping on a bed right npw

2253 days ago

poopy pants    

she's ruined now, just throw her out with the rest of the TRASH. what a bunch of skanky whores her mom raised.

2253 days ago

justice served    

Give me a break...When it did start that all you need to do is be in a porn movie to get famous?! Paris, Kim, whose next?! Don't you even need talent anymore?! She's a slut with zero class...And she copied Paris to get to fame, which really isn't something to brag about. Those two should both just jump off a cliff.

2253 days ago

captain obvious    

5. I hope you heal fast soon, Kim. I enjoy watching ":Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Posted at 2:39AM on Aug 25th 2008 by Judith

There's one in every crowd!!!!

2252 days ago

Oh please...    

How the hell do you cut your foot on a glass coffee table right before you are supposed to perform?? I agree with @4 ) sarinator...she was either dancing on it or wussed out.

2252 days ago
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