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Those Women


8/27/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danica PatrickDanica Patrick isn't just dangerous behind the wheel of an Indy car, cops say she also posed a threat on the mean streets of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Court docs which show the race car diva was popped by Scottsdale P.D. back in January for doing 57 in a 40 mph zone. But here's the kicker -- Danica was ordered to take defensive driving school to get the ticket dismissed!

Guess the class worked -- because 40 days after Patrick finished her court-ordered traffic class, she won her first Indy race.

Those Red Asphalt videos really do work!

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TMZ is in a bad state... I knew you guys would go downhill once Alan Citron left.

Digging up an OLD story from January that NBC News already reported MONTHS ago.. geez guys... get your sh*t together.

2251 days ago

Billy in Texas    


2251 days ago

Billy in Texas    

OOPS second

2251 days ago


She wasn't 'ordered', it's an option to avoid having the points on your license. Lord knows I've done it at least 6-8 times over the source of 35 years of driving, get with the program TMZ.

And Danica is HOT!

2251 days ago

i'd touch it    

Danica is smokin hot!!!!!!

2251 days ago

john wayne gacy    

the most offensive aspect to this, is that they " order " at least a couple

of women drivers to participate on ANY professional driving circuit;

2251 days ago

hell with them all    

She can be my wife anyday. What a hot LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make my blood get very HOT

2251 days ago


Man you guys are on the ball today. Nothing like an old story from 8 months ago. Great investigation work guys!

2251 days ago


I used to be a Danica fan, but not any more. She had this great fan club on her web site. You pay $20 to join and are supposed to get a membership card, bumper sticker and lanyard. But, they take your money and then shut the fan club down. Didn't think she was that hard up for money, but maybe so. Guess it goes to speeding tickets and whatever else she doesn't want to spend her own money on. Great message to send your fans - "I'll take your money and give you nothing." Not a winner in my opinion.

2251 days ago

jona vark    

Danica is a product of the media. She won a race because everyone else ran out of GAS! She's a poser. She got media attention en masse because her load was just a little lighter than male drivers... if ya know what I mean.

When will the media start concentrating on capabilities rather than sex and race.

Id all media just had the class that TMZ has..

HA! Just kiddin!

2251 days ago


And not only is this OLD news, she did NOT get ticketed by an officer... she got a PHOTO RADAR ticket! And as someone else said, driving school is an OPTION to not get points against your license... she was not ordered to go!! GEESH!

2251 days ago


To- UsedToBeDanicaFan: I am sure that it was not Danica who took your money and never sent yoou anything. Most fan sites are not run by the star themselves. I don't know what site you were on, but a lot of sites are run through management. Danica might have some input and blogs on the site, but she probably doesn't handle the "fan club" portion.... so don't be mad at Danica :)

2250 days ago


I look at it like this.....First Danica should be Danicant. Or replace the "a" with another vowel and there you have it. She's a sole product of the media. I use to watch to see how she did. Then one day came the fate ful "I can't go right. I can go left. I can get enough speed to pass. I'm slow. I'm sloooooow. I can't do anything." Thats probably almost word for word what I heard during the race. Which means she told the pit crew absolutely nothing and had a little bit of a melt down. She knows nothing about her car. Can't even tell the crew chief if the car is loose or tight. Give it up Danica(nt). You can't do anything. The only thing you have going for you is what you consider looks. Ewwwwwww. Good luck to all you Danica(nt) fans. She has so many endorsements she doesn't need the racing money. And she was asked if she would consider Nascar ? GIVE IT UP !!!! THEY'D EAT HER ALIVE !!!! Have a pleasant day :>)

2250 days ago


There are states that DO order you to take driving school / defensive driving. I was ordered to take one at age 16 when there was a law in my area stating that ANY speeding ticket by a driver aged 16-18 resulted in a trip to defensive driving school. I had to take one again recently, around 10 years later, after getting x number of tickets in a certain time period (I forget, 2 in 6 months or a year or something). By then, you could take the class online. It was insanely easy, to the point where a 5th grader who had never driven before could pass it. It's not so much about what you learn as it is about the state coming up with a way to charge you an additional $50 on top of the speeding fine.

Why would Danica choose to take a driving school to avoid points on her license? To save $20/month on insurance? Unless she was in grave danger of losing her license, I doubt if she cares. Just because people in your area only take driving school to avoid points doesn't mean that nobody is forced to take it. I've certainly been forced...twice.

2250 days ago


Danica is dumber then a box of rocks. I do not understand why anyone thinks she is hot. Her personality is disgusting. Im from her home town and her and her family are embarrassing. Hopefully one day she will actually learn how to drive. And I think she would fit in fine at NASCAR since they don't know how to race either.

2250 days ago
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