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Sienna -- Going Down

9/10/2008 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balthazar Getty is married with four kids. His girlfriend, Sienna Miller, is a single woman. So why is she being vilified?

A swarm of pappers cornered Sienna yesterday as she waited for an elevator in Bev Hills, badgering her as she hid up against the elevator doors like a frightened animal.

So we ask...Is dating a married guy worse than cheating on your wife?


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Both are at fault. You dont date if you are married and you dont date married men....but they should leave the girl alone dang!! they were swarming all over her like a pack of hyenas!!

2171 days ago


Leave this girl alone. You don't know that whole situation. How many of you are in relationships that you are unhappy in? At least they have the person who they love. Everyone just needs to focus on themselves, not someone that has someone they love. No relationship is perfect, but if they are happy, that is all that matters.

2171 days ago


She is not a slut. You don't know their relationship. If they are happy, that is all that matters.

2171 days ago


I don't know his history, but it seems she always goes for the guys that aren't single. She and Angelina Jolie have a lot in common.

2171 days ago


Who cares, they don't. We will be hearing about him or her running around with someone else before long. It's like Angelina breaking up Brad and Jen, now Angelina is terrified that Brad will leave her for someone else....well......what goes around comes around. Another example is Tom Cruise and Nichol, he left his then wife for her and then turned around and dumped Nichol for someone else. It is just the same old Hollywood, lack of morals.

2171 days ago


59 & 60

No one gets to achieve "happiness" at the expense of another person. These two got their "happiness" at the sacrifice of his wife and four children, who had no choice in the matter.

Get over it. Happiness is not a defense for selfish, self-indulgent behavior. I'd be happy if I had money. Can I go rob a bank?

If you are in an unhappy relationship, you don't tell your wife that you are visiting your sick mother and then go to Italy with your topless mistress. And Sienna's done this before. Look up "ibiza" from last year and see how she broke up another relationship.

There's enough truly misfortunate people in the world to waste sympathy on ther two. They made their own fate.

2171 days ago


not for nothing I liked Sienna before, i thought she was very sweet and all, and when Jude cheated on her the press and Hollywood really embraced her, in fact her career took off from the publicity of it all (just as Nicole Kidman when Tom left her for Penelope)
anyway, I remember in an interview when asked about the nanny how Sienna said "if i ever see her down a dark ally she better watch out" something along those lines-

and I just find it soo hypocritical now that she did this with a married man- at least if he had been legally separated (cause as we know divorces could take years) but to victimize his wife and children that way is horrendous, and no offense boys but it IS usually up to the woman to impart the 'rules' of the game, since men are ruled by other things. (pun intended:)

2171 days ago

To see or not to see    

Well, today Elisabeth Taylor is a "legend" but she wasn't better than Sienna. Eddy Fisher was still married to Debbie Reynolds and Richard Burton was married too when she began having affairs with them.

The difference is that once there were no digital cameras and the paparazzi of that time weren't wasting their photographic material shooting hundreds of superfluous photographs and hounding the celebrities at every corner. And your gossip did not come in real time on the www.

So please calm down with your puritanical rants.

2171 days ago

Jessica O.    

Peronally I don't think people should give her a break, and I don't thik people should feel sorry for her. She knows she is a public figure, and she knew he was married. Also, she needs to stop crying because everyone is calling her a homewrecker......because that is exactly what she is. SLUT!

2171 days ago


What's wrong with the dumb bitch. All the moron has to do is walk away!

2171 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

I care nothing about both of these people, but what the paps are doing is total harrassment!
you can't do that to someone. For Christs sake, she didn't kill anyone! Leave the poor girl alone,
enough is enough. All that name calling and hounding her isn't right at all. Hate to say it but she's a
person too. We are human and make mistakes.

2171 days ago


always the victim, eh Sienna?

but no crocodile tears this time, like at the gas station. just faux-hysterical posing...


2171 days ago

Big Bear    

Sienna bangs a married guy and she gets thrown under the bus. I'll bet his little wife has gained weight and is not taking good care of herself. You go guys it is just a little sex between friends!!! The little wife will just have to get over it!!!!!

2171 days ago


TMZ did this exact same thing to Britney and tried to ruin her.

2171 days ago


Wow. Hey TMZ, ask your paparazzi how the view is from their pedestal. I think the paps are the last people on Earth who ought to be judging character.

2171 days ago
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