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Jamie Lynn Decoy

Triggers Investigation

9/12/2008 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine flying into L.A., when cops ask you to become part of a Britney Spears decoy caper.

Take a look at this video. The pappers thought the woman flanked by LAX police was Jamie Lynn Spears, who flew in yesterday on Delta. Now here's where the plot thickens.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that, on Tuesday, someone from Britney Spears' camp contacted LAX police, asking for a security escort. The way the cops understood the call, Britney was flying in Wednesday with Jamie Lynn, her baby and Lynne.

At the last minute, cops found out Britney was not on the plane. They still were sympathetic because a bunch of pappers were at the airport waiting for Jamie Lynn. Cops were concerned her baby might be at risk in a pap crush, so they allowed Jamie Lynn and crew to exit the plane onto the tarmac, where a car drove them away.

Now here's where it gets good. For some reason, the cops wanted to fool the paparazzi, so they got a random woman on that flight who kinda sorta looked like Jamie Lynn and asked her if they could escort her to baggage claim. She said yes, and the ruse began.

By the way, we've learned there's an internal investigation because some big wigs in the police department are pissed.


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If there were boundaries set for paps, including fines and jail, this probably wouldn't be happening.

2195 days ago

Big Bear    

Why would people not think that this is funny?? The LAPD came up with a cool idea!!! What kind of mindless fool would wait at an airport for Britney Spears??? The LAPD thought "ok goobers you want Britney or her slut sister then you will have one of them".

2195 days ago


As a taxpayer I'd be a bit p.o.'ed knowing police were escorting a celebrity, fake or not, thru the airport. I can't imagine their presence couldn't be used elsewhere. Is crime down in L.A. that police can stroll thru the airport? Plus, give me a break; it's not like we're talking about some huge celebrity, it's Jaime Lynn Spears. What's the big deal? Her only reason for celebrity is not her defunct tv series but that she got pregnant at 17. I think the paps should raise their standards on who they cover.

2195 days ago


There were no additional tax dollars wasted. The police were already at the gate, when they found out she wouldn't be there. It costs just as much for them to walk back to their cars (near baggage claim) solo, versus with the gag imposter.

Lighten up, Chief. Lighten up, people.

So, this group of LA's fimest can't have fun on the job, but the traffic cop who break dances while directing traffic is free to? i would think that's a safety issue, not what these cops did.

Again, how much would it have cost taxpayers for them to have just walked out? Yep, the same amount.

2195 days ago


Not sure exactly what needs to be investigated here. It seems like an intelligent way to handle a potentially harmful incident. Celebs pay plenty of tax dollars. This seems like a non-issue.

2195 days ago


Great! I am so happy someone at the police dept. is pissed about this! I mean, this is totally unacceptable.

2195 days ago


Plain as day that the cops are LIARS!
Something as simple as this and they have to be lieing!
I hate cops!

2195 days ago


What a hick, has she ever heard of a company called NetJets?

2195 days ago


I am so glad I don't live in LA. Imagine, you are stuck in traffic and up ahead you see the reason why--Britney has abandoned her car in the middle of the road. You are working out in the gym and the manager comes in and tells everyone they have to leave--Britney needs to work out. Your flight comes into LAX and you get shoved aside by a cordon of LA cops. Is it Britney? No. Is it Britney's sister? No. It's Britney's sister's STAND-IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a place to live.

2195 days ago


ahhhaaaha You paps are PISSED! that's sooo funny, I'm sure we're all sorry you didn't get to harrass a girl and her new born today. and you wasted your time because your all a bunch of idiots! I love when the paps get punked!

2195 days ago


How do all the paps know that she's flying in? I bet someone from the spears family tips them all off.... it's called PR Stunt.

2195 days ago


If this Police tactic can confuse/diffuse the trouble makers in the Paparazzi business then it's good Police work in the sense of: AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE or A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE Celebrities need to take responsibility for the spectical they intentionally create and should pay for the Police resouces thier Celebrity status consumes outside of the normal role of Policing the community. Plan a public appearance ? pay for your own security and crowd control !

2195 days ago

Scott Brown    

Thanks Chief of Police.
You've trained your peeps well.
What number should I call to reserve my police escort to baggage claim for my sister and her baby that are arriving in a few days to LAX on a Delta flight?
I understand my tax dollars paid for that right.

2195 days ago


Ok you bleading heart liberals, so they fooled some stalkerazzi's wanting nothing but pics of her newborn child, so what!!!! I realize some big wigs at the police dept and some of you might not be happy about it but again SO WHAT!!! She's the little sister of Britney Spears, she was practically born in the spot light thanks to her sister and her mom's antics, give the poor (new) mother a break. Your not in her position. If any of you were high profile celebrities that just recently had a baby, it might bother you to have people stalking you just to get a picture of you and your child. It's one thing to be walking down the red carpet with your child and having them take pics, its a completely different situation to have them stalking you while getting off of a airline flight, going to the grocery store, or some other such normal daily routine that most of us take for granted. There should be some form of legislation to protect them from the stalkerazzi's when so clearly many of them wish to be left alone while going about their normal daily routines that they will go to the lengths of trying to fake out people just to get to their destinations without being harassed and stalked. Get a life people!!!! There are so many more important issues going on these days......

2195 days ago


I think it is great what they did as you have all those people with cameras and the fact that other people could of got hurt. Celebrates should have some assistance especially in a crowded airport. I wouldn't want to be walking through the airport and have all those people backing up and not watching where they are going just to get a picture IMHO it is a problem that needs to be stopped somehow... oh yes they are trying to make a living but do it elsewhere not where people have to be in order to travel!

2195 days ago
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