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Big Bro Walks Over Memphis

9/18/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" is in a little doo doo this AM.

In the first episode of BB10, Memphis won a sweet 1969 Camaro in a car-pulling contest (don't ask). Small problem -- "Big Brother" couldn't give the car away because the show didn't own it. We're told someone else actually held the title. In fact, the car had already been returned to the owner almost immediately after the contest.

Memphis the Mixologist was none the wiser because no one told him about the snag while he was inside the house. But on Tuesday, Memphis gained his freedom, losing to Dan, and learned the car he had come to treasure wasn't really his. Another problem -- the car has been repainted since it was on the show.

We're told producers are now scrambling to buy the car from the real owner. Sources say the real owner will turn the keys over for $24,000. A '69 Camaro online sell for anywhere between 7 and as much as 80 grand. Fact is, Big Bro doesn't have a lot of bargaining power, so they are more SOL than HOH.

We made several calls to "Big Brother" -- so far, no comment.


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Well, this just sucks! I wanted Memphis to win and feel he should have won. Dan is a liar and really screwed everyone in the house!

2194 days ago


I'm glad.........................F U Memphis

2194 days ago


No more HOH, probably SOL and definately FU......

2194 days ago


Uh oh, Allison Grodner... look what you did!

2194 days ago


Memphis is an idiot!! Dan was the ones with the smarts to figure out the strategies to win the game! Memphis was the rude liar using whomever he needed too to get what he wanted. Fact was he wasn't that good at it!

2194 days ago


I'm a Fan of the show...I disagree, Dan was most deserving winner...when Memphis won the car in week #1, he was more of a target than anyone else- houseguests were jealous... now he may not even get the car now!

2194 days ago


Poor Memphis! BB is such a crock! Way to go AG, you stupid idiot. Not only did she rig the show for some disgusting old man to make it far...her prizes arent even real!

2194 days ago


Sorry Lisa. You're totally wrong. Dan deserved to win because he PLAYED THE GAME. Memphis didnt even deserve the car. In the competition he told Steven that he doesnt have a car and really needed it even though Steven's car blew up on the way to LA. I hope BB doesnt buy the car and screws Memphis. Thats what he deserves.

2194 days ago


that is so messed up, everyone kept holding that car againest him thoughtout the game.

2194 days ago


poor bastard. someone better get this kid a car.

2194 days ago


An SS '69 Camaro is worth a bundle. I'd be pissed. What kind of morons do they have running CBS giving away a car they don't own.

2194 days ago


Ba ha ha ha ha! This arrogant self absorbed heartless jerk doesn't deserve ANYTHING but a kick in the ass.

2194 days ago


Hes deserves a car for sure, they should just give him some more money if they cant get that car. He is also one fine piece of ass.

2194 days ago


His name is BOB, not Memphis.... sheesh

2194 days ago


Man using the cars as a season opener and they f*ck up like this. Some dumb-dumbs over at CBS

Memphis will have to cough up 1/3 of that car in taxes but his bartending (sorry -Mixologist- .. made up name for LA since ashamed of being a bartender ) job probably pays him good.

2194 days ago
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