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Lawsuit Claims Playboy Plays Dirty with Blacks

9/18/2008 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe there's a reason all of Hef's girlfriends are blonde-haired and blue-eyed.
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Terri Hughes was a producer for the Playboy Radio show "Night Calls." Hughes claims during a live broadcast, she was asked to repeatedly "wax" the "ass" of co-host Christy Canyon. She alleges Canyon created a hostile environment by, among other things, "exposing her genitals and breasts to co-workers, making requests to guests and co-workers to touch her genitals and breasts, and masturbating herself with her own hands as well as with various sex toys during live broadcasts of 'Night Calls.'"

Hughes, who is African-American, alleges that when a host of another Playboy show -- who was also an African-American woman -- requested for Hughes work on her show, the executive producer of Playboy Radio warned, "I don't know how to say this, and it might offend you, but I'm just going to say it anyway -- no Negro shows."

Hughes is seeking unspecified damages. Calls to Playboy were not immediately returned.


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I think it is funny that the man who was the first to have a black model in his mag is being sued for being racist. But ofcourse we don't have the full story.

2225 days ago

john wayne gacy    

i'd be more than delighted to bend her over

like bugs bunny and kiss her between the ears;

2225 days ago


"no Negro shows"??? No one even uses that word anymore. And Hugh Hefner is pretty Liberal and seems like a good guy. I seriously doubt he would have done that. He was actually the first person who featured black entertainers when he had his television show in the 50's - 60's. He's about as racist as my pencil.

2225 days ago


Just imagine how many mags Hugh will sell now with this publicity. Maybe a real smart advertising stunt

2225 days ago


I dont think she has an issue with Hef. Her suit is against the producer of the radio show. I think it is well known that Hef likes all women, he isnt racist, unlike many of his readers and fans.

2225 days ago

john wayne gacy    

one of my absolute favorites all year, is

devouring every inch of chocolate bunnies;

2225 days ago

The Hulkster    

whats wrong with a waxed ass ??

2225 days ago


Okay, so you go work for a Playboy radio show and are offended when the "porno" hostess asks you to wax her ass, and she plays with herself? Don't go work at Mickey D's. They might ask you to make fries. If there was racism there, that's another story. But don't go work for Playboy and then feign disgust at SEX!

2225 days ago


"Maybe there's a reason all of Hef's girlfriends are blonde-haired and blue-eyed".
AHH maybe because thats what floats his boat, and who can blame him, does it make me a racist that I perfer blue eyed blondes over african americans too? if so ....color me racist

2225 days ago


truth, your comments are ridiculous. all of public television and most of cable is WET! special-interest stations exist because there is a gap in the programming. stated differently, african americans and latinos turn on the tv and don't see shows that reflect them or their interests. i will concede that BET has long since failed to reflect MY interests. TVOne, Telemundo, etc., - these stations are filling a cultural void. believe it or not, white is not the norm or the standard. so to make the point that BET discriminates just does not make any sense. when correcting a power differential, or addressing discrimination, how is THAT in itself discrimination?

2225 days ago


RE: 6

What does BET have to do with this woman or playboy for that matter?
One black person developed BET and sold it years ago. Every
single black person I know finds the content and quality of the
channel offensive. Not only that every person who works at BET is NOT
black. The channel is owned by the same corporation that owns MTV. If
you want to sound like a racist at lest know what your talking about.

2225 days ago


Dude ,you STFU, BET stands for BLACK entertaiment television, what channel is WHITE entertainment television, you know the one that is 100% white, catering to white and being 100% white are 2 differant things.....retard

So what it stands for Black Entertainment Television.. Who really cares about that? What is so funny is that white trash folks love to say they are being discrimintated against, but in all reality, you have no real idea what discrimination is.. How much can you really be discriminated against when the country is ran by White men? Dude, get real, and stop living in a fantasy world.

2225 days ago

nira k    

Hef had a TV show some time ago that featured guests of all races and he opened the doors to black models in his mag. Sexist? Maybe.
But racist? Not.

2225 days ago


United Negro College Fund, Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, BET, NAACP, Obama, the list goes on & on. Who's really the racist? Get a grip people. Leave the Hef alone and stop the petty lawsuits.

2225 days ago



What the hell are you talking about? Everything you named other than Obama were to advane the plight of black people who have ALWAYS been discriminated against. I try to understand people who think racism no longer exists, but are you claiming that it never has? What do you call slavery and segregation and the fact that you think Obama has ANYTHING to do with civil rights? Sounds like racism to me.

2225 days ago
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