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Kim K's

Ass Inspires Dance

9/23/2008 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our "Dancing with the Stars" spies just gave us the best info EVER. Tonight, Kim Kardashian will be dancing to the song, "Baby Got Back."
Need we say more?


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You white people are so used to flat, shapeless, flabby butts to where you go on and on about Kim K's behind. Get a clue, most of us have real bodies like latinos!!!!! Real men don't want skin and bones and flat butts like you pasties.

2186 days ago


Why so much trash talk about her looks? That is a great reason to "hate" someone. You are all a bunch of insecure and jealous losers.

2186 days ago


I'm a female and I think Kim has a great ass. Not only that, she's beautiful. Very exotic looking. They all are. I wouldn't mind having a butt like that. Her waist is tiny.

2186 days ago


#49 - I AGREE!!!!

2186 days ago


I have watched Ms. Kardashian on DWTS and I must say while she is lovely to look at, she has absolutely no talent. Her poor partner is wearing himself out dancing while she is basically standing and posing. It was for publicity that the producers put her on the show and that is obvious by the choice of "Baby Got Back" as the music for her mambo, but I have seen that same pose of hers with her backside stuck out for the cameras on a dozen red carpets. She says she is shy which makes me laught. But please. . . vote her off.

2186 days ago


I was actually hoping that Kim would do well on DWTS but her performance last night was embarrassing to watch! I felt bad for her and to pick that song, come on, unless you can dance and shake that thing do not attempt that song, hahaha!

2186 days ago

Rocco and David    

The only thing tiny about KK is her brain. Look at the fat fold on her back. If this is a nice a$$, I don't want it. I'll take my D's anyday! PH said it best - cottage cheese in a trash bag. Oh, and she can't dance either. Prediction - she'll lose. With food prices on the rise these day, imagine how much it cost to maintain the size of that ... McDonald's - KK BFF!

2186 days ago


I thought it was cute. I don't think she is a porn star. I think she had a sex tape leak out and tht is not the same thing.

Why do guys trash on porn stars whe they are the ones spending all their money on it? If its so wrong to do porn then it's wrong for you to watch it too. Guys are hypocrites.

2186 days ago


damn, this hoe still not tired.

2186 days ago


holy hell... she has some SERIOUS back fat, forget the bulbous ASS!

she should have quit while she was ahead.

2186 days ago

Illinois person    

Poor Mark, as thin as he I'm quite sure he's never been around so much lard. Just look at those rolls on her back. Boy that's what all that good food will do for you. I wouldn't be getting down on my knees for that fat ass. She is so gross!

2186 days ago


I was impressed - Kim was very graceful and poised last night during the show. She smiled a lot, stood up straight, and didn't make goofy faces like so many of the celebrities. SO GLAD she made it through the elimination!!

2186 days ago


I like this girl,there is something sweet about her, she just needs to relax and not be so self conscious when dancing and he will be much better.
Come on folks she is not a porn star, nver mind th tape she made privatly with then boy friend ( and cad ) he released the tape because no one knew or cared who he was and in all likelyhood he will fade into the back drop once again.
Give her a break, OK?

2186 days ago


LOL--- yeah kim has a big ole booty, as a white girl and proud owner of a big one myself I applaud her for getting out there, however there is a big difference. I am a white girl that actually has rythym, and I expected more out of her. Sure she's having fun, but I really really expected to be blowed away by her dancing. Maybe she should just stick to shopping, and porn...

2186 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Why do you morons insist on bashing Kim. You freakin losers. Bottom line is Kim K is a cute sexy girls, and you are a bunch of nobody's who talks trash on a website...hmmmm Yeah you are a real winner. And you are prob married to a loser husband or have loser bf, or you cant even land a man to save your Just because a few guys at your little small town club or bar hits on you doesnt mean anything. ALL YOU HATER ARE AN EPIC FAIL>>>LMAO

2186 days ago
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