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Kim K's

Ass Inspires Dance

9/23/2008 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our "Dancing with the Stars" spies just gave us the best info EVER. Tonight, Kim Kardashian will be dancing to the song, "Baby Got Back."
Need we say more?


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Some days there just ain't enough rocks.

2185 days ago

Insert comical name here    

She is so gross, its enough to give sex a bad name.

2185 days ago


Looks like her ass is 4 ax handles wide.

2185 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

That's the nastiest thing I've ever seen. She looks like a line backer for the San Fran 49er's
Ain't hating, just saying...

2185 days ago


You could cut some bacon off her back and have breakfast!

2185 days ago

Merry Xmas    

Kim is beautiful yet vapid. Her constant smile and lack of emotion makes it seem like she is on Lithium for depression. It's sad how someone so beautiful and rich could seem so empty inside.

2185 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Daammm I was hoping they would kick her no talent ass off last night. No doubt she's pretty, but with noooooooo dancing she's a waste of space on this show. She won't make it past week 2 (if she don't get elimated on Wednesday night. She could not keep up with the tempo of the song last night. Her dancing partner was waaaaay ahead of her last night. What a waste of space between her ears......... Good by Byatch go back to making porn because you're not good for anything else. Open your eyes Reggie Bush, she's a washed up has been who's famous for NOTHING!!!!

2185 days ago


Good lord!! her ass is what..the girl has about as much rythm as a bag of sand. SHE SUCKED! She looked bored and very stiff...ok so she's hot..but is that worth it if she is terrible in bed? nahhhh

2185 days ago


Hey, I'm a white woman and I have no problem with her ass. I think she's beautiful. By the way 41, my best friend is half spanish and does in fact have a teeny waist and an ass like that. Bitch doesn't have any cellulite on it either. I've known her since she was 10, so I know it's all natural!

2185 days ago


I'm surprised she didn't spread her legs open LMAO

2185 days ago


Her next song should be "Baby got back Fat", or "Muffin Top"
She has no rhythm, this dance was awful and the costume did nothing for her.

2185 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

Ok...ummmm, I'm sorry to say, but KK cannot dance for squat! Granted she got that booty and the looks, but she is so stiff when she's dancing. How can you not know how to shake an ass like that is beyond me. Well it wasn't just the ass she didn't move, but her entire body was just not in synched with the music and it was just plain stiff. There is no other way to describe it. She should have used some of the moves she did in her sex tape. And oh during her comment after the dance she said she's quite shy and reserved.....BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who is she kidding? Not only did she have a sex tape, she poses almost nude for a calendar for her BF and didn't she even do it for Playboy or something? And no one so shy and reserved would be out in public going to the dance studio with tight ass spandex on showing their camel toe. Shy and reserved, huh. Gimme a break!

2185 days ago


K.K. got on DWTS how?????
Please -- like most of the "stars" they go on the show to lose weight and tone their bods. Sorry, Kim, there's not enough dancing On The Planet to shave off that butt .

Poor Mark Ballas. He's such a good dancer stuck with a Suck A$$ Partner. Watch him -- he's doing all the work.

2185 days ago



2185 days ago


That was definitely one of the most low-brow things I've ever seen on nationally broadcast television. This was not an ASSet to her image.

2185 days ago
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