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Sapp's Massive Head Larger Than It Appears

9/24/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warren SappIf voting were up to the cast and crew of "DWTS" -- we're told Warren Sapp would be the first one to go.

Our spies at "DWTS" tell TMZ Sapp may have big personality when the cameras are rolling, but his big head and man-diva attitude are causing problems behind the scenes.

We're told Sapp talks down to everybody (especially the guy dancers and production assistants), yells at people and consistently walks out of rehearsals with partner Kym Johnson.

Move ovah, Shannon Elizabeth!


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This story is not surprising at all. To give you an idea of how big of a jerk Warren could be when he played here in Tampa he once got in the face of a local high school coach who had been invited by the team to observe practice. Sapp got in his face because the coach was "staring at him." People in Tampa could go on and on about how rude he was to people here over the years. Funny when he wasn't re-signed by the Bucs people here hardly complained at all. He was a great player in his day but you can't expect people to cheer you on the field and then turn around and be an ass to them when they see you in public. He burned a lot of bridges here. All he needed to use was a little common courtesy. Now he is trying to paint himself as Mr. Happy. I wonder how he will treat his "Dancing" fans when they run into him in public.

2189 days ago


I cant believe that Cloris Leachman made it another almost makes you want to not watch..she is disgusting..

2189 days ago


I've actually met Warren and he is actually a down to earth guy with a good sense of humor. Don't believe everything you hear or read. He likes to joke and play around so they might of taken it the wrong way. Maybe, most likely, he'll here about this and tone it down.

2189 days ago


Bubba was right about that, he was an arrogant pig when he played for the bucs. We were glad to see him go.
and,, sorry oakland fans!!


arrogant *uc%er...

2189 days ago


Bucfan hit the nail on the head.
No one gives a shiz about him here, shameful, had the opportunity to shine and tarnished it.
And I am sure he was pleasant to texasgirl75 when he met her, because she is probably a babe, not a gay male dancer, or a maid, or a support staff member, or anything subservient to HIM,,,

2189 days ago

Sapp Fan    

From first-hand experience on DWTS, I can say that for the majority of the time, Warren is chill with everyone...even Production Assistants.

2189 days ago


How embarrassing I voted for him on yesterday's dancing with the stars!

2189 days ago


Hey, Sapp can be a nice guy, too. I'm a nurse in Tampa, and he used to come to the children's cancer ward in our hospital and bring stuff for the kids, play cards with them, etc. And with no media or fanfare, he'd just show up. It meant so much to the kids, white and black (he did not seem to favor black kids) and he was really torn up when this one girl passed away. Plus the dude can dance!

2189 days ago

The guy's a jerk, get over it    

He's definitely a jerk. I used to work at the buccaneer merchandise store back when he was in Tampa, and at every event he was the most irritable, mean-to-kids player I ever met. The people who've mentioned that he doesn't sign autographs or take pics with kids are probably telling the truth, because that's exactly the Warren Sapp I always saw at the store. He makes kids cry. Seriously. What a legacy to carry...

But on to more pressing issues: who cares? The guy's a has-been, and he's off any radars that matter. Let him make a fool of himself in other cities, and in other capacities. Go for it Sapp! Just stay the $&*#@ out of Tampa, please. You're not wanted here, buddy.

2188 days ago


i love it!!! i have been waiting for the day when his FAKE ASS was exposed!!!

AHHHHH ha ha ha......warren all the people in T town have long memories!!! what an A HOLE u are and we BLEW YOU UP!!!
now you are famous for being a fat ,arrogant , jerk, that prances around the dance floor.
eat another cheese burger and stroke out please.

i wish anyone who would endorse him or would give this jerk a job passes.
Warren.....pls stay the hell out of TAMPA! WE HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2188 days ago


I was surprised when he was even picked to be on the show. Being from Tampa, my husband, son and I were getting autographs at the training camp. Everyone was more than happy to give them except Warren, he called the police on us because we asked for his. He's been nothing but a egotistacal butt head here when he played. If anyone they should have gotten Mike Alstott, a real class act to be on the show. Warren is a has been loser, what were they thinking when they chose him? Or did he have to pay to get his face on tv again.

2188 days ago


I met the guy once here in Tampa and he was pretty cool, but from what I hear he is just the most unpredictable person as far as his temper. When you meet him he'll either be cordial and polite, or a COMPLETE as$. He was a two-headed monster, and you never knew what you were going to get. Fortunately I got to meet the nice side, but unfortunately that's not the side that comes out 90% of the time.
Nobody here in Tampa was sad to see him go.

2184 days ago
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