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Queen Latifah

Set to Grill Sarah Palin

10/3/2008 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well-placed sources tell TMZ Queen Latifah is getting in the middle of the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden VP debate by portraying last night's moderator, PBS journalist Gwen Ifill, on "SNL" this week.

For the third time this season, we're told Tina Fey will be back, hysterically not answering questions as Palin. You betcha! No word yet on who has been tapped to play Biden.

Thanks to Latifah -- and since "SNL" has no female African-American cast member -- the world is saved from seeing Amy Poehler in black face.


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Just as when Rosie O'donnel played Betty Rubbel, The choice is far too fat for the character this time too

2190 days ago

Bash a Pap    

100% me... you are an awful human being.

2190 days ago


Maya Rudolph is African American

2190 days ago


I can't wait to watch...

2190 days ago


SNL makes fun of Sarah Palin because she makes it so easy for them. Why does she talk like a Shirley Temple movie? It's insulting to educated adults. I mean golly gee, darn it all you Joe six packs and hockey moms. Why don't you feel insulted by the way she talks to you. Is she talking down so you can understand her or is she really that uneducated?

2190 days ago

Triple Play    

"queen LatiFAT" should stay away from all grills She has no talent and is not a queen, Step away from the gravy boat latifat

2190 days ago


i hope Sarah Palin will go on snl and show them how to be funny

2190 days ago

Zyskandar A. Jaimot    

WOW first GWEN IFILL 'taking time outta' her writing her victory tome on BARRY'incurably-dishonest'OBAMA and now that mental giant QUEEN LATIFAH set to give SARAH PALIN an unbiased/impartial interview. GEEZ heh QUEEN LATIFAH did your parents like BARRY's meet in Selma too??? Oh by the way QUEEN LATIFAH you are BLACK also like OBAMA - only when it is to his benefit right??? Oh and QUEEN LATIFAN your 'PAY' will now be 'regulated' under PREZ BARRY's other MARXIST stipulations/conditions!!!

2190 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Queen Latifa is a racist; BET had a day long program aimed to get unregistered BLACKS to vote for Obama and she was one of the hosts. Now, if a WHITE program did that....all hell would break loose. No more buying her movies.

2190 days ago


For the record - I am hispanic , but I love the way that black people are always so quick to resort to making this a racist thing. Last I heard - Obama is 1/2 white. So if he does make it into office - would he really hold the record as the first BLACK president? No. The first minority? Yes. For those of you who want to criticize Palin's daughter for having a child young and un-wed - take a look at the number of black children who don't even have a CLUE who their father's are....neither do their mother's for that matter. I actually heard a black man say the other day that another girl "made good baby momma material." Disgusting and IMHO - that makes black men look so ridiculous. At least Palin is keeping her family together and in the end that's all that matters. So, keep playing that race card...whatever makes you feel good. Reading these chatrooms just reminds me why I will vote a straight republican ticket this year. Blacks are not the only minority in this country, so get over yourselves!!!

2190 days ago



2190 days ago

Triple Play    

I use to to like Tina Fey. why does she have to make fun of the next VP on the United States? Tina step away from the plastic surgery you are startint to look like a Jackson

2190 days ago


#20 it is sexist when the ONLY candidates being made fun of ARE the female ones. Y do you immediatly jump to race just because i do not support Obama. It would not scare me to vote for a qualified African American person. Any person for that matter. The operative word here is QUALIFIED!!!!!!! All you democrats do is go around spreading so much hate. Bringing up her family life and her daughter. You should be ASHAMED of yourself. You say things like PO-white trash. You are quite the racist huh? YOU are what is wronmg with this country!!

2190 days ago


If Sarah Palin doesn't win the white house what will SNL do go back to their low ratings sounds like they need Sarah Palin

2190 days ago

PWT's are so lame!!!!!!!    

AMEN #20!

2190 days ago
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