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Not The Monster

She's Made Out to Be

10/9/2008 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You may have heard a judge has "ordered" Charlize Theron to shell out tens of millions for wearing a watch she wasn't supposed to. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth.

In the actual judgment, Charlize gets pretty much every claim against her tossed out by the judge except one -- for wearing the Dior watch pictured above for an hour ... an hour out of a 15-month endorsement contract with Weil.

We contacted Weil and Theron's people -- haven't heard back yet. The parties are due in court this fall.


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2148 days ago


She's purdy.

2148 days ago


huh? i dont get it?

2148 days ago


Not a monster, but what a dope when she starts talking politics.

2148 days ago

hell with them all    

I would love to have a night with her alone. NO TALK JUST DO!!

2148 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Charlize is the only woman on the planet that can trump Angelina Jolie. I wonder if Jolie hates her..

2148 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

This story is about as worthless as you can get. As the rest of the world melts into economic oblivion, beyotches like Charlize accidentally wear the wrong diamond watch and break a contract. Why doesn't beyotch just buy her watches instead of having to be paid to wear Weil watches? What a freaking whore. She has actually whored out her wrist. She should go work in a soup kitchen immediately.

2148 days ago


To Who the F Cares.....

it seems you actually care since you went on a Tirade against jealous much??? and I'm pretty sure if YOU were offered a contract to wear something you would JUMP to for the don't be a hater just cause your jealous.

Damn there are a lot of loser's on this site.

2148 days ago

the short chick in the back    

First of all I like Charlize Theron.

Secondly, I cant believe she (or anyone) would go into an agreement under the terms that she wouldnt wear any jewelry other than Weil's for 15 mths. Especially being that she is celebrity & 15 mths is quite a long time.

2148 days ago


Nver liked this stuck up betch.
She thinks she is so superior to others in the business and she sould keep her stupid mouth shut instead of dissing the Hills.
The differenc between her acting and Hills acting is only a few degrees. In the end its all just childish nonsense.

2148 days ago

Jenny pruski    

Maybe she's a bit dumb ,why else would she sign a contract to wear only there watches and not do it ,she should be made to pay the money back and to pay a fine as they could have had another spokeswomen wear ther watches [Kinda like stealing].

2148 days ago


within that hour they take pictures of her and people and star showcase her wearing it. i cant afford a DIOR watch unfortunately. wow!!

2148 days ago


Okay....I have been reading this site and the blogs for a while now. Everyone pay's THEIR when 'it' belongs to them-possessive: their's THERE when it's a location: we saw it over's THEY'RE when it's a contraction...THEY'RE on vacation (short for THEY ARE)....please....

2148 days ago


Charlize is just gullible. As an example, she does commercials for that extremist wacko group PETA. She just need a decent PR person or business manager.

2148 days ago

miss J    

first of all Kendra, u sound sooo childish...and its because of small minded people like u that a lot of global hostility issues persist...second i really like Pj's contribution..finally, i think Charlize was just dumb to make such a mistake after she willingly signed the contract...i like her though, so i really hope she doesnt pay too much for this silly mistake.

2147 days ago

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