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Hef's Evil Twins Leave Their Mark

10/13/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's said twins are double the pleasure, double the fun -- but when it comes to Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, it's also double the ass whooping.

These photos show the damage caused by the Shannons after they allegedly beat the hot sauce out of their Wing House co-worker, Erica Civello, at a Fla. house party back in January. According to Erica's father, the cut on the side of her head came from a viscous attack with a beer bottle compliments of Kristina.

Erica suffered a concussion during the attack. The twins were arrested for felony aggravated battery, but only received probation and were ordered to pay fines.


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Trash. That's what they are, pure TRASH

I guess instead of the "Girls Next Door" its going to be "The Trashy Twins Next Door."

2166 days ago


I can almost guarantee you he hasn't seen them in person- only airbrushed photos of them from Playboy.

2166 days ago


You mean VICIOUS not viscous.

TMZ, quite hiring high-schoolers to write these articles!

2166 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Sounds like the submissive foreplay of a menage a trois. Yum.

2166 days ago


Wow, these women even manage to make Kendra look classy. Who woulda thunk it?

2166 days ago


These new girls are not even that all... Bridget holly and kendra are all wayyyyyyy better looking than them. They look like they are 15.

2166 days ago

Moan Ica    

What's up with the eyebrows on all 3 of these bar room skanks?

2166 days ago


These two seem to have a sense of entitlement. They think that because they're pretty (not me personally, I think they look like a couple of meth heads), they're above the law or that they're owed something. Typical garbage.

2166 days ago


How do you sleep with ur sister that is sooo gross!!

2166 days ago



2166 days ago


If those twins take out the old pervert, it would be perfect Karma for the old warthog.

2166 days ago


Come on, get a grip...who thinks this show with Hef and "the girls" is real~~~!! The girls are in it for the money and so is Hef. And as for this vicious attack, I've had bruises twice that size, just doing work around the house. The scratch is nothing more than that, a scratch. Someone is looking for some media coverage~

2166 days ago


Are you serious? That little scratch looks like a fingernail scratch! If she really got the tar beat out her I think she'd look a little more bruised then that! I mean if you had two girls beating the daylights out of you wouldn't you have more then two bruises and a little fingernail scrath?
I'm really starting to beleive the twins now! I'm sure they were pervoked by this little skank that is now trying to get a name for herself. Probably got paid a couple hundred dollars for a couple bruises... HaHa She looks stupid now! And your right about her fingernails. GROSS! And the Pig Nose? Oink Oink!

2166 days ago


I wonder which one of the twins skanky relatives wrote #27! LOL! This woman went to the police over a year ago, that's when these photos are from. She's trying to get publicity huh? Yeah ohhhh k.
You and your methhead family are nasty, felons, drunks. Oh, except for Dad Patrick, he's into pills. But Kristina, Karissa, Celeste (truly gross) and, hehe, "Angel" are all drinkers and meth freaks. EVERYONE knows it. Look into their job history. Even Grandma "ain't had a job", LOL.
And now to top everything off, the producer of the show, Kevin Burns tries to blame Holly Madison for the breakup. Who came out THE NEXT DAY with his "they wanna be my girlfriends" twins? No class Hefner. He wrote on E Online that we'll all "find out the truth" on March 1st, a half a year away. No thanks dude. I'm not waiting. Who wants to see this guy get senile? That's obviously the case for him to do this.
TMZ-look further, you'll find out lots of stuff on their family. Then get Hef to explain why he would allow these felons i

2166 days ago


scandelous bitches...please don't give these two, fame seeking whores, any publicity...

2165 days ago
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