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Hugh Jackman: 40 Is the New .. DAMN!

10/13/2008 8:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A ridiculously ripped Hugh Jackman turned 40-years-hotter on Sunday.

No doubt his wife, Deborra- Lee, had a good night.


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2165 days ago

two cents    

That's right Tim because NO ONE get's a great body by hitting the gym and working out, right? Idiot. He looks damn fine, and there's no way that's from steroids. I feel the sudden urge to lick that man. LOL!

2165 days ago


Sounds like someone is jealous??? This man looks sooo tasty!!

2165 days ago


Totally Roided up. I seen a photo of him about 8 months ago and he was no where this ripped. His sack is probably strivled up like chick peas.

2165 days ago


first... why does everyone assume that when anyone is in shape, it's from steroids.

it's quite obvious he's not on steroids. steroids make your muscles look all blocky and overbloated. a great giveaway to determine when people are on steroids is when their stomach may be all muscular looking but sticks out further than their chest... why?

he's clearly on a great workout regime and diet.

quit hating people.... seriously ... just stop being jealous.

2165 days ago


who is this guy?

2165 days ago


# 5 I agree 100%

2165 days ago


Oh dear.......

2165 days ago


Yeah, Steroids. Whatever. Talk about clueless. His body is sculpted, not bulked up. You can see photos from earlier this year with him playing in the ocean with his kids. He already had the body mass, he just sculpted it down. His wife is a VERY lucky woman!

2165 days ago

nira k    

People think steroid use when someone who is soft and thin or flabby gets ripped in an unusually short time. Actually HGH-human growth hormone is used a lot now for muscle mass and to decrease body fat (lower BMI). Good work out or hormonal help, the man sure looks good.

2165 days ago


Holy Hot Damn. What a Hot Tamale....

2165 days ago


his wife is 59 years old!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick

2165 days ago


TMZ usually picks the worst, most gargoylish photos of each celebrity, but Hugh Jackman is honored with a flattering shot that reminds me of the way Blake Edwards filmed Bo Derek in 10. Harvey must have a crush.

For the record -- of course it's steroids. He's 40, that means mid-life crisis. He's gay, that means double mid-life crisis, as gays are very concerned about their fading sex appeal to other vain men. And it's the exact opposite of what people are saying about steroids vs. natural. You get BLOCKY or bigger when you work out naturally. It may even look like your arms are getting fat. You get SCULPTED when you use roids. You get that pretty, Mr. Olympia kind of body instead of that normal, manly or beefy construction-worker type of body.

I see these guys in the gym all the time. Us non-roiders are huffing and puffing, we're in there for two hours, every other day, and the gain is minimal and slow. Then these dudes with gigantic muscles come in, bench press a gigantic amount of weight twice, and leave. Yet every muscle looks chiselled out of stone, even the ones they're not working.

2165 days ago


I vote with the "that's not roids" camp. He has a large frame and is tall and broad shouldered. He may have added a little bulk, but also just got his midsection ripped. He has always been in good shape, but with a little extra effort, took it a step further. For the haters, a little less time on TMZ and a little more time outside or in a gym and maybe you will see your feet again.

2165 days ago

d to the izzle    

Nobody seems to understand how prevalent steroids are in Hollywood. Jackman is probably on Winstrol depot -- Very popular for cutting fat and promoting lean mass.

2165 days ago
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