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Dodger Fans Beer Batter Cops During Game 5

10/17/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One rowdy baseball fan was bleeding a hell of a lot more than Dodger Blue Wednesday night, when two cops opened a can of whoop-ass after being drenched in a beer-throwing incident -- and it was all caught on tape.
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Here's how it went down: During the final game of the N.L.C.S., a guy in the stands was wearing a S.F. Giants hat and got it ripped off his head (allegedly by a guy dressed up like Manny Ramirez). Rowdiness ensued and the cops -- LAPD uniformed officers who were off duty and working for the Dodgers -- responded.

As the cops confronted the dreadlocked perp, some moron threw a full cup of beer at the officers leaving them soaking wet. When the cops turned to find the beer-thrower, another moron from a different section heaved more beer at the cops.

That's when the uniformed cops decided to enforce the anti-moron law -- grabbing the man they believe threw the second beer and dragging him down the concrete stairs. The tape stops, and by the time the shooter hit record again, back-ups were there.

An LAPD spokesman reiterated the officers were off duty and no one reported the incident to the Department. No immediate comment from the Dodgers.

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Not surprising. Thug Dodger Fans. Read this fast cause the dweebs at TMZ will remove this post in about 5 minutes. I will never set foot in Dodger Stadium, ever, until the organization gets a grip on these hooligans. GO CUBS. DODGERS BLOW.

2135 days ago

the other woman    

I don't know why is the fuss about they sell beer at these venues, and If they wanted to prevent rowdiness , don't sell alcohol . I don't blame the fans, so why are they getting arrested? I would be mad to with the outragous prices of beer at these games...I don't think he meant any harm..maybe he had one to many, it happens sometimes..all in fun..
it's only beer, come on ...i'm just glad no one got hurt...

2135 days ago

George William Gockel    

I will never do that at Dodger Stadium. I always boo the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium. I only go to Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium. The 1st time I went to Dodger was when in the 3rd grade with my brother,my dad and my class also my mom came to Dodger Stadium to see that was in Pete Rose and the Cincinnati Reds versus the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium the last time I was at Dodger Stadium was September 25th,2008 the San Diego Padres versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have been to over 40 Dodgers games at Dodger Stadium since 1975. I will be back at Dodger Stadium next season for more Dodgers game. I will never get into trouble at Dodger Stadium and that is same with every other Major League Baseball Stadium and including New Yankee Stadium.

2135 days ago


i live in L.a it doesn' t happen all the time. They just got little excited it's not like punches where getting throwin, plus the beer and food Are not cheap either. stephen We [the Dodgers fans] Are not hooligans. don't mad cause the Dodgers beat the cubs in the NLCS.

2135 days ago


dizzy, I appreciate your indifference, but nailing uniformed police officers with beer is hardly, "all in fun".

2135 days ago


They should have beat that San Fran Fan!! He was just at a Dodger-Philly playoff game in SF gear??? He clearly wanted to instigate some trouble, no other reason to be at the game....unless he was there for fun in the men's room with cubs fans...

2135 days ago


The police don't get paid enough to put up with this crap. Why can't fans just watch and cheer for their team?

2135 days ago


Boy that beer belly was exposed in all it's glory...


2135 days ago


"Off Duty" my ass. These jack booted thugs were in uniform and exercising their police powers...they were on duty whether taxpayers were paying their salaries or not. They ought to be sued.

2135 days ago


And this is exactly why I never, ever sit in the outfield pavilion when I go to a game at Dodger Stadium...

2135 days ago


being dragged down concete stairs is police brutaliy

2135 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

That was obviously not a Dodger's baseball game, but a La Cuckaracha event...

2135 days ago

The Observer    

I'll bet being pulled down that stairs on his back with that beer belly bouncing was worth the one second thrill of tossing the beer at the cop. Class act.

2135 days ago


Police brutality? Give me a freakin break. These guys risk their lives to protect people who don't deserve it, and they get beer tossed at them from this jerk? He got what he deserved.

2135 days ago


I would be interested to see what happened between the time the filing stopped and resumed!!!

2135 days ago
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