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John Rich -- Two Fights in Two Nights

10/17/2008 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Rich has a serious history of violence -- we've learned the singer was involved in another fight 24 hours before this morning's bloody hotel smackdown.

Here's the deal --fight #1 took place Wednesday night at the Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip, which is across the street from the Mondrian where Rich was staying.

Rich told cops he was minding his own business when a lady he was talking to went to the restroom -- and suddenly he was socked in the ear by some random dude.

John made a citizen's arrest and when the cops showed up, Chris Poggi -- the alleged assailant -- was arrested.

Rich went to bed, woke up the next day, and then somewhere in there, fight #2 happened.


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It's the mustache.

It makes you want to scream out to him: "hey Village People!!"

I bet that's what everyone does and it drives him craaaaazy

2106 days ago

Palin, really?    

Typical republican, hostile, mean spirited, closeted bigot. GObama08.

2106 days ago


He was wearing a McCain cap, he deserved to get smacked up side the head. Knock a little sense into him. Just more white trash....

2106 days ago


Stylin.... He deserves to get beat because of his hat? Do you pretend to be for free speech? Or do you honestly tell people you are opposed to free speech?

2106 days ago

Lee Q    

JR's dad goes to Honduras with my father and I have only one thing to say to him........ Kick some a$$, walk away, let TMZ brag about your toughness. Lets have a longneck.

2106 days ago


He's a Republican. It's what they do; they use violence and anger to get their point across.

Republicans = ignorant and proud of it!

2106 days ago


More likely he was hitting on the boyfriend and the girlfriend took him out. His song Ride a Cowboy Save a Horse is based on true events in his life if you get my drift.

2106 days ago


No wonder Rich is getting into fights sporting a McCain hat around town!

2106 days ago


There are so many reasosns why this guy needs to have his @ss kicked that it's not even funny. What a redneck hick.

2106 days ago


Why do you all think John Rich was in a couple of fights because he has a small penis? Envy? Or is it obsession? Either you are a man with a small penis or a woman whose boyfriend/husband has a small penis or a woman who hates penises. If every man who gets into a fight or two has a small penis, that must also be true of Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and Sean Penn too, right? Get a life.

2106 days ago


First off, I have to say that I am a HUGE John Rich fan. With that being said, accrording to multiple sources, the guy that JR allegedly hit is a notorious trouble maker, and is constantly starting fights. So, more than likely, what John allegedly did was probably deserved. And I also would like to hear JR's side of the story from him before forming any real opinion on this matter. But, I also think that someone needs to be one his side during all of this nonsense, so until I hear otherwise, I am on JR's side.

2106 days ago


Why is he even news worthy? How many posts can TMZ post on this j@ck@ss? Get some real news Harvey; chop, chop!

2106 days ago


This guy cares nothing about anyone else but himself. He starts fights. He built a horrible house, in a nice neighborhood. It looks like a toaster. I would not want to live next to it. He is rude to anyone who does not agree with him. He is the only guy I have ever seen wear a full lenght fur coat besides a pimp in a caddy from the 70's.

2106 days ago


TMZ doesn't seem to update their news. This is old news!

2106 days ago


I can just see this fool running around in a fur coat and it sounds like he needs to learn how to control his temper. I believe that they have classes for just that sort of thing.

BTW, l cracked up on the comment about his house looking like a toaster. I guess you can take the jick out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer part out of the hick.

Maybe Flava Flav can hook him up with the same idiot who gave him his tacky grill so he can complete the pimp look. I wonder if he drives a Caddy.

2106 days ago
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