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Madonna's Kid Sides with the Yankee

10/21/2008 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Papa don't preach, but Rocco Ritchie wore an A-Rod friendly Yankees t-shirt to a gym in NYC on Monday.

Nice to see Madonna is keeping the kids out of her messy divorce.


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Poor little boy, he is adorable. I feel bad for him, having Skankdonna for a mom.

2172 days ago


Tony, I agree. Everything about the divorce has been designed and timed for maximum effect. That's how she operates. Madonna doesn't even fart without arranging for someone to smell it.

2172 days ago


even at 50+, this hag is just as self-indulgent and manipulative than decades ago.
so much for spiritual enlightenment. on to the next stud........and yes, i am another gay man who no longer can stand the biotch.

2172 days ago


That's low, she's a rotten parent for doing something like that. That would be great if she lost custody of him, would serve her right. She probably wouldn't care if the kids were taken away since she cares for one thing...Madonna. The new MOMMIE DEAREST! LOL.

2172 days ago


seriously, people are really stretching to make a story out of nothing....the kid is wearing a t-shirt and I'm pretty sure Rocco can dress himself, I know my nephew who is 7years old dresses himself....

besides Madonna is in CANADA for her North American Tour, I doubt she decided to fly all the way back to NY in between cities just to make sure her child wore a damn NY Yankee's t-shirt just to stir trouble for her failed marriage.

Get a life people

2172 days ago


He has been seen wearing that shirt for months now. Even before the first rumors of her and A-Rod started.

2172 days ago


"nice to see Madonna is keeping the kids out of her messy divorce:

You clowns at TMZ are douchebags. If the irony and hypocrisy of this doesn't dawn on you perhaps you
might think of doing something more productive with your collective time. Feel free to lob bombs at the celebrities but
leave their kids out of it.

2172 days ago


looks like she rubbing it into guy that she has a new piece, the woman is a whore, wait maybe she gave rocco a copy of her SEX book to read, she dont need any kids, guy should take them all from her. i would not spent one dime to see the old flea bag sing, lets not forget the ling line of retards she slept with, maybe lourdes will grow up and sleep with rodman too...

2172 days ago

Whaddayouknow ?    

Adults picking on a child. Are you proud of yourselves ?

2172 days ago


Madonna is an user. She used Carlos to become pregnant with her beautiful daughter, then goodbye Cuban Lover. Now, she's using her son Rocco to "stick it to the people". YES, Madonna caused Alex Rodriguez divorce and the breakup of her own family. This is true, my resource is a big hot shot at the Yankees, and they've been messing around for a while. I wonder how her children are going to react and treat her once they've become older and are able to access and read and see with their own eyes, that unfortunately they have a SKANK for a mother. She has no class, just money, and Madonna your money cannot buy you the class you want, you are low class. Poor Guy who had to live with the whore for 8 years. Has she written a book entitled "Mommy did ALL the Lakers". She attempts to reinvent herself but you can see once a SKANK always a SKANK. No matter how much money she has, she has no class, she's a fake and currently she looks like a DRAG Queen with the crap she did to her ugly face. Poor little rich girl, $600 million and sooo unhappy and evil. She broke up a marriage. SEAN PENN was too good for her back then. Thank God he got out. Madonna is a MAN USER. Oh let's not forget to trell the kids about mommy frenching Britney on TV. No wonder she once claimed she only allows her children to watch one hour of TV a day; it's because of individuals like her that she does not want her children exposed to TV. PIG, PUERCA, SUCIA

2171 days ago


LAME one TMZ. All kids that live in New York wear Yankee tee shirts. Get some real news and leave the innocent kids alone, TMZ.

2171 days ago


MADONNA is a pig and obviously does not think there is such a thing as sin! She's testing
God, and she's not going to win, the idiot. Money=Control rules her world, and it is the root of ALL evil.
Duuuuhhhh!!!! Her mother is turning over in Her grave! I thought she would change after having
children. :(

2171 days ago
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