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Gisele Has Legs for Two-a-Days

10/22/2008 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's ok that Tom Brady has a bum leg, because Gisele has got two mighty fine ones.

They may not do the Patriots any good, but who cares.


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She is a beautiful, tall willowy athlete German woman from Brasil. All German women are beautiful, thin and athletic. Lots of beautiful Germans, Italians, Brits and Polish people in Brasil.

2189 days ago


No matter how pretty or ugly, anyone can be a model so long as they weight 100 pounds and swear off food for life.

2189 days ago


butterface! (and chickenlegs)

2189 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

Hey MK:

Two things:

1. Please don't be so naive. There are tons of articles out there saying McCain is running a more negative and factually inaccurate campaign. They don't just come from the "liberal elite," but also nonpartisan sources like fact check.

2. Concerning polls: Where did you get the 25% number from? Polls are generally a good reflection of voting results, especially when they aggregate them like on real clear. But if you don't trust polls, how about, which is based on complex demographic data and many people believe is more accurate than just polling:

Obama McCain
Electoral 344.8 193.2
Win Percentage 93.4% 6.6%
Popular vote 51.8% 46.7%

2189 days ago


So if i vote for Obama i am a liberal ?

2189 days ago


To Big Mr P, shut the hell up! No on 8. Gisele's legs are way too skinny!!!!

2189 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

This woman is a 10!! If you dont look like this your are doing something wrong.


If you dont have a body like this you should NEVER have any standards when it comes to picking YOU take what you can get..

2189 days ago


Scrawny! She could stand to put on about 25 pounds. I can tell her how!

2189 days ago


Yikes, she looks like she was just freed from Auschwitz...

2189 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Mr. P, you back today? Isn't your surgery to remove your head from your ass today? Get thee to the OR right now. By the way, you're not needed in California anymore. I checked with all of us and we all agree. Get your surgery and move.

2189 days ago


SERIOUSLY...WHAT DO MEN SEE in STICKS!!!!! I just don't get it
She's wasting away, sunkin face, chicken legs....I'm not usually one to bash someone looks or weight but this is RIDICULOUS!!!

Eat a DAMN CHEESE BURGER and FRIES, would defenitly do your BODY SOME GOOD

2189 days ago


Hey by love gisele - you must be just as bony and stick like as she is if you think the rest of us are jealous.....

Oh yeah, I am sooo jealous, I want my face to look sunk'in, I want thousands make-up artists around me pilling up the make-up to add the extra 10 pounds that's missing to round out her face a little for a photoshoot...and I am SOOOO JEALOUS of her legs that look like twigs and will snap if turning wrong.

Yeah, your right, I must be jealous!

HOW IS THIS GIRL AN ATHLETE????? OBVIOUSLY she hasn't played any sports in a while, don't think her legs can handle her weight

2189 days ago


I much rather skinny than fat! Anyone who calls her anorexic is an idiot....she just watches what she eats and if YOU made your money being a model, you TOO would have to be thinner than the norm. I despise bitter Betty's! Fat women are all so bitter it sickens me. You women are sooooooooooo dumb! You hate other women if they are prettier than you. You hate them if they have a better personality than you. Lets face it, there is nothing refreshing about having a girl has a friend unless she is a lesbian. The constant bitterness, hatefullness, competition, it all gets boring and old. Appreciate other pretty girls, stop the bitchassness!

2189 days ago


I love the way those legs make an ass out of themselves!

2189 days ago


She's way over-rated.

2189 days ago
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