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Hef's Twins Get Even More Trashy

10/22/2008 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner's law-breaking 19-year-old Playboy twins, Kristina and Karissa Shannon, did some retail damage (with Hef's credit card no doubt) at an L.A. store named after their own skanky hearts -- Trashy Lingerie.

Shop 'til you pop another chick in the head with a beer bottle.


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8. Friends - John McSame has an untold number of years experience in Congress, and still he is a moron. This is enough of the same experience to be another Bush in the White House. Please do not turn over the controls of this country to an old man that will probably end up leaving the reigns to an unseasoned person like Sarah Palin. Vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden and vote no on Prop 8 in California.

Posted at 1:02PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by paloma for Obama

Not that this has to do with the story, but...It boggles my mind how you can favor Obama for president and then in the next breathe say that Palin doesn't have enough experience to be president should something happen to McCain. She has MORE experience than Obama. He hasn't done anything as a senator, except show up to senate meetings and say "Present". He's never actually made a decision about anything.

2128 days ago


Fat and Ugly!!

2128 days ago


The girl on the left (the one with the cellphone) looks seriously pregnant. That octogenarian geezer Hefner is quite a stud....

2128 days ago

Not for Nothing    

FUR BURGER! please?...make that two...pile one on top of each other and i'll eat them both...umm! good.

2128 days ago

oh brother    

Playboy has really lowered it's standard on what is considered beautiful enough to appear on Playboy. Must be due to the recession this country is in.

2128 days ago


First off, Trashy Lingerie is the place where all of Hef's girls get their outfits made for all of the parties at the Mansion. In fact I just watched an episode of GND where Bridget was getting a jersey costume made for a Super Bowl Party and she went to Trashy Lingerie. It really is not a trashy place as the name would imply. But, I do agree that these girls are trashy. Ugly maybe but they are not fat by any means, and I do not think the one on the phone looks pregnant. I am pregnant so I know what a preggo belly looks like. I am sure it is just a bad paparazzi shot like usual, but even if they were gorgeous their behavior is very undesireable. These girls have been arrested for assault and who knows what else. Hef does need to step up the company he is keeping now that Holly, Bridget, and Kendra are moving on. I do not think these girls are Playboy material at all.

2128 days ago


They look like 2 prostitute incest sisters doing a truck driver named Hef.

2128 days ago


I never really thought that playmates were that beautiful (too much make-up, too much plastic, just too fake) but these two are beyond skanky!!! To go from his former girls to these two, you have to wonder if Hef is going senile. Not only are they fugly but they look a bit heavy!!! Talk about white trailer trash!!!

2128 days ago


No, these two aren't the typical fare Hef offers in his mag & 'e'-zines.

Hefs choice of these two reflects his understanding of how Women love to talk smack about each other and other Women. Wome will enjoy dissing these two. Hef picked these two because they satisfy Paris Hilton type nudity and females can watch "THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR" without wanting to become bolemic or worse.

They clean up nicely for Hef and most Mens eye-candy without intimidating the average Woman.

2128 days ago

Triple Play    

Hef has lost his mind. These two are tow pigs in a pod. The other binbos that lived in the mansion aleays dressed up when they were outside the mansion. These two look like $HIT

2128 days ago


Since we're all getting political here, there's one candidate who would max out even Hef's credit cards. This a quote from the Associated Press:

"The Republican National Committee spent about $150,000 on clothing, hair styling, makeup and other "campaign accessories" in September for the McCain campaign after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joined the ticket as his running mate."

I would have figured she'd have already raided Alaska's budget for her clothes, as well as trips and rooms for her kids.

2128 days ago

hell with them all    

I see alot of AIDS or more shots in the ass. SDTs

2128 days ago


WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? Where did he find these trainwrecks? They remind me of potbelly pigs!! OBVIOUSLY NOT playboy marterial!

2128 days ago


Hef must be suffering from some dementia. These are extremely average (not ugly) girls for them to be considered Playboy material in my opinion. What's this world coming to? I know these gals can't wait to get it on with the Hefster - eww

2128 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Lawdy Mr Heffner! Is this the best you can do now?....I'm shocked! After Holly, Bridget, and Kendra, i thought that if this ended and the girls went their own ways, Hef would at least come up with some comparable ladies with looks, talent, and personality, not trailer trash talking, gutter fighting HOs.....oh well, i suppose when you're a has been Ladies Man of 82 , you have to settle for what the garbage man takes out of decent places.....these two.

2128 days ago
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