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McCain Too Gangsta

For Me

10/23/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's pled guilty on federal weapons charges, been under house arrest and faces up to a year in jail -- but the thing that scares the crap out of rapper T.I. ... is a certain 72-year-old white Republican dude from Arizona?! Too bad convicted felons can't vote.

T.I.: Click to watch


No Avatar


i am so glad to see this wimp thug scared keep him off the streets John Mc Cain

2156 days ago


this thug is a wuss

2156 days ago


Check your law books. In some states, Connecticut for instance, the voting rights of convicted felons can be restored following discharge of commitment and/or parole. VOTE!!!

2156 days ago


Like anything this moron says matters......

2156 days ago


Mc Cain is too gangsta for you ti because he is tougher than you would ever be hope your pissing in your pants you wuss

2156 days ago

DJ Architect    

Only reason he scares this idiot is becaus McCain is white. All thses idiots want Osama Obama in office because he is black. Not any other reason except for his race. Oh and this guys music sucks big time.

2156 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Too bad he hasn't been gunned down yet, the rappin' putz.

2156 days ago


FYI: Felons CAN vote!

2156 days ago


Im sure Obama is lovin this endorsement =( from a piece of crap felon!

2156 days ago

Tired of the Drama-Just VOTE    

Its sad that in a few day we will be facing the election on our lifetime and all you racist heathens choose to focus on , is a rapper and his preference, grow up, the world is systematically going crazy and you really could lend, your BS opinions in some other forum that matters.....Just a thought

2156 days ago


#9 I so agree - the drama is getting out of hand. Some people are just plain miserable and nothing will change their demeanour. If they’re not happy, no one else can be either.

2156 days ago


He's a p-ssay!

2156 days ago


Felons can vote and have actively been recruited by the Obama campaign. There was a story on it in GA.

2156 days ago


Jail...big deal?! How long could this punk last as a P.O.W.?

2156 days ago


Ok lets get something straight right Away on here......I am tired, scratch that I am sick and tired of some Angelo Saxon people thinking Black people are only voting for Obama cause he's black. It's like Chris Rock said white people act like blacks dont listen to the issues at hand and we just see the chocolate shake or the vanilla shake on our freaking ballots when voting. Blacks persacute (or however u spell it) each other everyday do to the jim crow mentality... Win Barack first came on the scene you had more than enough blacks doubting him just cause he was black. Barack had to prove himself first to thhe black community even before he was securing our vote. Most of us backed him cause he's Qualified and educated seems like thats the worse threat to a white man nowadays. A driven ambitious educated Qualified black male who will not be manipulated our faltered into being anyones puppet. So before you open your mouth on why some blacks are voting for Obama (note i said some not all) look into your bigot and prejudiced filled heart and ask yourself why are you voting Mccain? Cause we can easily say oh it's because he's white I mean I did support Mccain in the beginning until he went off the deep end and picked a walking Bumbling contradition in heels and a cute updo hairstyle as his VP.. Just to gain the woman voter supporters just for that move alone Mccain lost my respect. Obviously he doesnt have the best interest of the country when u pick a Mentally retarded bull dagger as your running mate. She made george bush look like a genius enough said!

2156 days ago
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