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Night Out with the Guy

10/24/2008 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guy Ritchie knows if you want to have a low key night out ... just hit the town with two huge actors.

The soon-to-be ex Mr. Madonna hung with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr., his "Sherlock Holmes" stars, in London on Thursday.

Blowing off steam during a messy divorce is elementary, my dear Watson.


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he does look much more happy without her.

2136 days ago

Toby Christensen    

More douchebaggery then one mere photo could contain.

2136 days ago


I'm sorry ...I just don't buy JL as "DR" Watson...shouldn't Watson be an older guy? Youth is wasted on the young.

Oh and how jacked up is it that British literary hero SHERLOCK HOLMES is being played by an AMERICAN and his sidekick DR. WATSON is played by a BRIT.

2136 days ago

He is out celebrating his freedom

2136 days ago


Guy is CLEARLY, very down to earth. I'm glad he was able to get out with the guys. Today, it's tough for men to make friends and have male companions who they can relate to. GOOD FOR YOU GUY.

2136 days ago


I think Guy looks great. I really like him. Glad he has gotten away from Madonna. She has lost a lot of her appeal for me. Getting weird like Michael Jackson years ago. But I have to say that RDJ and Jude look like crap. I do like RDJ as an actor, but sometimes I feel that he is falling into the trap of playing the same character in different movie roles. He has come a long way, but he dresses like a homeless man. He needs to dress to the success his career has taken.

2136 days ago


RDJ is smoking hot - they just caught a bad picture. cant wait for sherlock holmes =]=]

2136 days ago

The former shadow of WTC one.    

Wow! The Trifecta of trash! They will NO DOUBT get a "No Go" just like that UFC hazbeen Chucky at any respectable HW speakeasy.

2135 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Money aside, let's wish Guy well. He's lost his son and I'm sure the additional stress of living with Madge for 8 years took it's toll. So if he wants a night out with the boys for a couple of pints (watch it, RDJ!), I wouldn't blame him in the least. He comes across as a nice chap 2 me.

2135 days ago


"17. I'm sorry ...I just don't buy JL as "DR" Watson...shouldn't Watson be an older guy? Youth is wasted on the young."

You're totally wrong and brainwashed by the "old and bumbling" portrayals of Watson on film that have absolutely nothing to do with the writings. Law is an excellent choice.

2135 days ago


Robert Downey looks like a homeless man, but I love him. I actually kinda like the mustache on Jude. Makes me think he should do some porn on the side while he's got it, and I would watch it. HOT! Guy looks like a giant blonde weight has been taken off his shoulders.

2135 days ago


I love how people make these stupipd comments. Have you ever seen these people in person? I have. I have seen Jude Law and he looks stunning in person - his pictures do not do him justice. And yes, I have seen him lately.

2135 days ago


we are on to madd donnas fakeness over here.. that fake english accent doesnt score points and nobody is particularly impressed with american accents so the only idiots faking those ones are the fake wannabe "gangsta rappers".its being reported that madd donna wants to high tail it to "noo yawk". but richie wants his biological son brought up over here.. now, since "her majesty " is used to getting her way, and richie is not known for bowing down to her, that little battle will be played out in the media.. madd donna is already bad mouthing her former husband in the media via her concert tour.. anyway looks like she got herself a new lap dog... a new pet does wonders for the over inflated ego...

2135 days ago


madd donna should just stay where she is... no one is missing her on this side of the pond.. guy is well shot of her ugh...

2135 days ago


I love Guy Ritchie. What sort of hypnosis was he under to be married to Grandma Madge?!

At least the kid looks like him.

I can't wait til he comes out with more awesome movies! He's a great film maker!

2135 days ago
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