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911 Caller: Lyfe Went Ballistic with a Gun

10/26/2008 5:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a portion of a wild 911 call pertaining to the recent allegations brought against R&B sInger/songwriter Lyfe Jennings.
Lyfe Jennings: Click to listen
In the recording, a neighbor frantically describes Jennings actions after he allegedly kicked in the door of his estranged girlfriend's residence shouting, "Where are my kids -- I want my f***ing kids!"

According to the woman, Jennings then went to his car, grabbed a gun and started shooting.

After leading police on a wild chase, Lyfe was eventually arrested on charges of felony weapon possession by a convicted felon and faces charges of attempting to elude police, discharging a firearm near a public highway and refusing to take the sobriety test.


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Please stop the black on black crimes....are country is slipping...Vote for John McCain..He will stop it love micheal Jackson

2190 days ago



2190 days ago

what the hell happened to his face?????

2189 days ago


Bypassing the racist ignorance put forth by the first poster...

This why it's a good idea to GET MARRIED BEFORE YOU REPRODUCE. It comes in all races, creeds and nationalities and I'm sick of these stories about guys who knock up women they don't intend to stay with and then act shocked when things get ugly. Be one Tom Brady, 50 Cent or any other idiot who can't figure out how to use a condom. Just stop it. No one's sympathetic. If you really loved your kids you'd create a stable home for them.

2189 days ago


I am sorry to hear that someone with so much promise, talent, and inspiration has let anger make his decisions. I don't know what pushed him to so much anger, but I am certain we don't know the real story. In any case, as for the other stupid, ignorant comments to compare this event (and i am certain we don't know the entire story yet) to why some old crocking, clone of Bush should be elected, is the most backasswards thinking I have seen. I hope the person who made that comment isn't old enough to vote, because its truly sad that an individual would select color, or a single crime to pursuade them in choosing sides.

Thank goodness US magazine isn't bought by intelligent people.

2189 days ago


No offense Tamm, but t=why post that video twice? Esp since it has nothing to do with the post?

The man sounds like a jerk. I guess voting for president will change all of that #1. Sheesh, get real!!!

2189 days ago


#1, ok, so you love Jacko and you love McCain....right? Can you tell me how McCain feels about a man that give alcohol to children and sleeps with them? Yeah, I agree this country is slipping.

2189 days ago


Refusing to take a sobriety test? Ha! Being charged and convicted of public intoxiation/drunk driving are the least of his worries. The far more serious charges against him will make the intoxication charges seem like library fines. This man is a tool of major proportions.

2189 days ago


LOL .. never looked better!

2189 days ago


uhm ilove him,nd wtf yuh meen they should have been mairried before havin kids,yuh kan still breeak up wen yuh have kids nd this sheit knastill as ealiy dnt yo ass sound stupid,now he is stupid fer leading on a police chace,bhut i promise to go iwouldnt have done it no different ,if it was over my kids so ....suck on them yuh lyfe will bak yuh no matter wat(=

1553 days ago

tiffany debusschere    

so first off mcCain would suck as a president! black on black crime really?get a life and stop being ignorant ..p.s. im white by the way! and lyfe jennings is an amazing and talented person..if you actually listen to his music & lyrics and watch his vid's their not your typical r&b or hiphop vid's with a bunch of half naked girls in it..the songs arent talking bout rolling on 24's in a cadi..the songs are real life & reality and what people go thru..only difference between him and other artists he talks bout real life and others talk bout the glam and fashion and sex! and also th public eye see's the bad outta any situation to try and ruin a singer or hear the negative you never hear the since you werent there nor was i dont judge! you dont know the whole story you just heard the negative side...oh yea and most of everyone on here is knocking him bout drinkn and driving but guarentee you all the ones knocking him know atleast one person thats a friend or fam member thats got a dui!...dont act like its the first time you hear bout a singer getting in trouble with the law..and also when you want to knock someone why dont you look at their life first..hes been to prison..he got out changed his life up oh yea played at the apollo what he said he was gonna do when he got out and put out 4albums...what have you done with your life?

1516 days ago


Wow! He was just at the boys and girls club speaking to the kids about violence. What a role model.:-)

1492 days ago


lyfe i no its a struggle out there things seem perfect at first then it always seem to go wrong "why me" the lord will never put more on you then u can handle stay strong and keep the faith pie0070

1471 days ago

Uni ' Quee    

- dangg , that ` s crazy . ugh ; alot of theese people on here sound dumbb ! TF ' never looked better ?? jon macain ? & yeaaa if you dont know what pushed him you should of never jugde the whole lil whoop ;; SO . that ` s crazy , ughh people sound REDICULEES # THROWUP !! people just dont know how & what struggle mean ` s ? maybee he was going through somethingg , anythingg could of happened & been going on ; you dont know so no need for yo comment !! TF . ughhhhh . ! all ` s i gotta say to you lyfe is like youu said keep yo head up & belivee , & God gonee make away !!!! <33333
- Uni ' Queeeee .

1256 days ago

Christopher Gonzalez    

just curious, What would you do if your kids were being kept from you?

1072 days ago

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