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"Google Me, You Dumb F**k" Lawsuit

10/30/2008 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney SemelLet's take spoiled bitches for 500. Here's the answer: My dad used to run Yahoo, I'm a really mean chick and I now will beat the crap out of you. The question: Who is Courtenay Semel?

A security guard at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is suing the daughter of former Yahoo honcho Terry Semel for allegedly pummeling him in a drunken stupor.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Jaroslaw Jarczok claims he was working security last August at 4:00 AM at PURE Nightclub when Courtenay was "quite intoxicated due to alcohol and/or chemical or other substances." He claims she got all foul-mouthed on him.

One thing led to another and he eventually handcuffed Semel, the GF of Tila Tequila. That's when she allegedly struck Jarczok in the face and uttered these soon-to-be immortal words, which deserve a separate line in bold type:

"Do you even know who I am, f**king idiot?...Google me, you dumb f**k."

Jarczok says he's been humiliated and "anxious about receiving harassing comments by friends..." He wants unspecified damages. In case you missed what she said:

"Do you even know who I am, f**king idiot?...Google me, you dumb f**k."


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pattie in cali    

shes nasty looking, but people like her will get a ass kicking, theres always someone who a little nastyer, she dating who?? wow thats nasty, tila is a nasty little person, they both are spotlight hounds, dating???????? or maybe courtenay is making tila date her, she claims shes a mean girl, so give it to her, courtenay i hope you get yours,

2182 days ago


I should know who she is because of her daddy? You have to be kidding.

2182 days ago


Someone said "You can check up on the who's who of the world's most wanted there. No, this is not an ad, it's to make a point. Jive, do you seriously think Interpol is the internet police or were you just making a lame joke?"

A joke, I am aware of what/who Interpol are. The real joke is this "celebrity" who thinks she is famous because her "daddy" pioneered a popular search engine in the mid 1990s. Coutenaey = EPIC FAIL!

2182 days ago


The only thing she is capable doing well is soiling her panties if she actually wears any. She may have money but her genetics show a close resemblence to an ungy horse faced spoiled brat, one ugly chick. ( three bagger )

2182 days ago


She should google Lizzie Grubman.

2182 days ago


Lizzie Grubman should run this horse face over with the ML55.

2182 days ago


I HATE THIS HALF-MAN BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2182 days ago

Timmy D    

He doesn't know who you are because you're nobody. Your dad isn't even somebody. Just because you date a piece of MySpace trash doesn't mean anything. Lady you suck. Lazy Dumb and Drunk is no way to go through life. I hope the bouncer sues and takes money from her. Not like she earned any of that money. What a dumb b*tch

2181 days ago


She looks like Amy Winehouse's left armpit after a bad week.

2181 days ago


I Googled her. I typed in "drunk ugly skank" and her name popped right up.

2181 days ago


Went to YAHOO and GOOGLED her! Is that even correct! ha ha ha. Found out that Courtenay is synonymous to a tawdry skank who's only purpose in life is to live on this earth on the merits of her parent's success and fortune. What an ugly human being! Grow up Courtenay -- your 15 minutes are up and time to disappear. Don't even drag your parent's name in your scandalous addictions and disposition.

2181 days ago


See...Courtney doesn't even know why she is famous...

2181 days ago


What a loser! The best treatment for this bitch is to stick her worthless, no good, lazy white ass (I'm white by the way) in a trailer park for a year. Get her a job at McDonalds and make her ride a bus for transportation. She'd either learn her lesson and become a grateful contributing member of society or she'd commit suicide. She's a sad, sad excuse for a human.

2181 days ago

Sam "Ace" Rothstein    

back in the day, we would have tossed this b*tch off the roof. Google this..pow, baseball bat to the head, into the cornfield with you..

2181 days ago


I want punitive damages for having to look at her mug.

2173 days ago
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