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Rachel Bilson

Is Pissed Too

10/31/2008 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Bilson didn't look very happy getting snapped as her dog urinated in public yesterday.

Paparazzi or not, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.


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~ One child grows up to be ...someone who just loves to burn and uhhh? another child grows up to be ....someone who just loves to burn ...mama loves the both of them ....they say its in the blood~

2183 days ago


What happened to her pit bull she used to have??
I have not seen her walk that dog in a long time....

2183 days ago


Rachel can buffy my vampire in the OC any time she wants too.

2183 days ago


Do you blame her? You can't walk your dog with out TMZ Pap-Sleeze taking your photo?

2183 days ago


I had a dog that looked just like that, who just peed everywhere! He loved it! You couldn't even get him to the dog area of a park because he was peed out by the time you got there. Too bad there were no paps around--he would have peed on them too! Give her some space already.

About #4's post? What in the world? WHY???????????????? Save it for an appropriate venue, you nut.

2183 days ago


she's pissed because her hips are getting wide and fat. she needs to do some serious cardio to get back in shape.

2183 days ago


I'd be more pissed about being photographed in that outfit!!

2183 days ago


" urinated in public yesterday." Where, exactly, would you prefer the dog TO urinate?

2183 days ago

Big Mr. P    

This goes to Change Our Freedom Why? - My friend you are magnificent and may God bless you always and your family. I have never heard a better reason why we should all be voting for John McCain a true American.

2183 days ago


A dog taking a piddle in public! Say it isn't so!

Big deal!

2183 days ago


This little chick has a weird body. Long waisted with stumpy legs. She's could wind up with Jennifer Love Hewitt's saddlebag ass if she's not careful.

2183 days ago


You know TMZ, I like to know things about celebrities as much as the next person but do you really have to follow them around while their dog takes a pee or crap? These pictures that TMZ and other paps take of celebrities in foolish and embarrassing situations is going too far in my book. Why doesn't TMZ employees take some pictures of themselves walking their dogs and picking up their crap?! Or of your dogs talking a pee, and post them on the internet for the whole world to see? I can't blame Rachel or any other celebrity getting pissed (no pun intented) about pictures such as this one. You guys are taking photography too far!!! Why the hell would I want to know about Rachel's dog taking a pee? It's one thing to try to get the best photograph of a celebrity but leave their private lives alone! They do deserve some privacy away from all of us once in a while. Look what happened to Princess Diana!!!!! If people and paparazzi wouldn't have been so interested in her and Dodi, they both may still be alive today!
Stick to their hollywood careers. That's all! This celebrity hollywood crap is getting really obnoxious and stupid with everything that you (TMZ) and other web sites are publishing- printing-whatever. GIVE THE CELEBRITIES SOME PRIVACY!!!!!!!
Thank you.

2183 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

You bloggers are sissies. Yes, she's got wide and thick thighs and hips. Because she's thick. Real men love thick chicks.

2183 days ago

People please...    

WTF is wrong with the inside of the dogs leg, it looks like either stained fur ( meaning she does not clean the dog ) or a major rash or just how the photo lighting took place ???
If it is not the latter , take better care of your poor dog Rachael . Whatever that is , it must be pretty uncomfortable for the dog.
They cannot clean themselves , they need us to help keep them healthy and comfortable..

2183 days ago


what's with the 'family affair' lyrics in the first post?
Those lyrics are wrong by the way, the line doesn't repeat itself, one loves to learn, the other love to burn . . .

oh yeah, and Rachel Bilson is one of the hottest girls in the public eye right now, forget all the ugly, alien-looking freaks the media deems beautiful, this girl has got it all going on!

2182 days ago
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