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Dead Woman at Paula's House -- Suspected Stalker

11/12/2008 11:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman whose body was found outside Paula Abdul's home last night may have been stalking the "A.I." judge.

Police sources tell us they think the victim is an alleged Abdul stalker and cops have been to the house "numerous times before" to deal with her.

Paula's people tell us they know who the woman is.

The victim was found dead in a car, yards from Paula's L.A. home. Cause of death may have been a drug overdose.

UPDATE: The Ventura County Sheriff's Department tells TMZ the victims parents called them at 3:00 PM to tell them their daughter was missing and that she "had an unnatural obsession" with Paula Abdul and they might want to check Abdul's home.


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Queen of the Damned    

TMZ, here you go again. Only this time, you are saying the woman's was at her house. Was she at the house or was she in a car a few doors down? Make up your minds, please!!!!!!

2170 days ago


The only "Dead Women" at Paula's house was Paula herself!!!........."Brain Dead" that is!!
Just saying.....................

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Which is it? Outside her home? Or a few houses down? Please wait until you get accurate information to post a story.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Also, if what you said in your previous story is true (which is laughable), if they have not yet ID'ed the woman, how is anyone sure this is Paula's "stalker"?

2170 days ago


A note to all movies stars- if you play you pay! I am sending a country fart! Burp

2170 days ago


Oh, who cares!! Paula Abdul is irrelevant in this world. I can't believe somebody would even "stalk" her. She is a complete moron and useless! There's a dead person down the road??!! This is news??!!

2170 days ago


This totally makes sense because you would most definately have to be a serious drug addict to be a fan of Paula.

2170 days ago


HEY you idiots, AT PAULA'S HOUSE is a way to say, near Paula's house.. IT could mean front lawn, near her sidewalk, 3 steps away...1 step away etc. you are all pathetic beings and I must say, this stalker is one less piece of crap on this earth.. more of you pot heads and druggies should do the same and overdose! This earth needs less druggies and idiots and more intelligent beings that don't diss people they DON'T EVEN KNOW! how pathetic. Do you all EVEN know Paula???? Have you had tea and crumpets with her? Okay thats what I thought. Keep all of your small minded, big mouths SHUT.
Stalkers make me sick and now Paula gets to relax in her home. And for all of you "hating" on a woman you don't even personally know, how ignorant of you? Has humanity really descended that low? It seems like all of your lifes are caught up in other people's lifes rather than your own. Paula makes her money, goes home and thats that. You are all retarded!

2170 days ago


Paula sure attracts weird news.

2170 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

#9 - Sandy. I do not know to whom you are directing your post, but, my comment was not about Paula in particular, and, certainly not negative or disrespectful. My comment was directed at TMZ and their contradiction of where this person's body was found.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

You are all retarded!

Posted at 9:45AM on Nov 12th 2008 by sandy

I guess that would include you because I doubt you have been invited over for a tea party with Paula either. Your whole rant was rather dull.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

7. This totally makes sense because you would most definately have to be a serious drug addict to be a fan of Paula.

Posted at 9:30AM on Nov 12th 2008 by notafanofnasty

Either that or brain dead....oh wait......

2170 days ago

Marty? Is that you?    

#9.....overdose on pot? lollllllllll

2170 days ago

Tangie are a stalker. It's obvious. Maybe you didn't intend to, but you described YOURSELF in your psychotic rant. You hate. You obsess over celebs. Hon, you desperately need a doctor. You are very mixed up and need a quiet, dark room. Your rage is a clear sign of mental illness. Good luck.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

I think Sandy is the stalker mentioned in this story....she appears to be just as much cracked out and brain dead. TMZ, take notes! Here's a REAL story!

2170 days ago
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