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Seth To Crown Bar:

I Can Buy You, B**ch!

11/15/2008 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seth MacFarlane just got a little more awesome. The "Family Guy" creator was majorly dissed outside Crown Bar last week by a cocky doorman. But instead of whining about his experience, he took the classy route and sent three bouquets totaling $5,000 to the bar last night.

Seth signed a $100 mil deal with Fox earlier this year, and can pretty much buy Crown Bar -- and all the lame employees in it.


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I love Seth!!!!! FUNNY FUNNY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

2133 days ago


Love the Family Guy must be nice, Donate some of that money to my charity "We Love Money".

2133 days ago


This is a great story and the rich EARNED the right to spend their money the way they want to, since they worked hard to EARN the money. Obviously all the morons whining about giving the money to the poor are some of the lazy poor that wont get off their own ass to earn money THEY can blow.

2133 days ago


the florists got a good amount of money for their flowers and flowers will be flowers no matter what. im sure its the message behind the gesture. when i hear about people that have money like this, it makes ME want to get to that point of success. i am envious of his success and i would like to strive for it. i also think he is someone i would like to be able to meet. ya know?

2133 days ago


Seth MacFarlane is a total ass. The Crown Bar was happy not to serve this Flea Bag.

2133 days ago


2 out of 21 people have the right idea, how far fetching. Not only did this guy just allow a florist to take in a nice set of cash when the economy is down (and florist don't make THAT much money around now) but I'm sure he just paid a couple peoples bills, paychecks, taxes and debt. It trickles down people. The owner gets paid, the employees get paid, the supplier gets more orders and the flower growers have a reason to keep growing. You people are so short sighted its unbelievable. Why are stimulus packages bad in times like these? because people pay debt off instead of going out and buying things which is the reason for such stimulus ideas to get cash back into the economy. Feed starving kids? Ha! That's a great return on to the economy to get spending back in to the economy and business making money and able to hire more people. Freakin idiots. Yes feeding the poor is nice, but wouldn't you rather have millions of people to be able to help then just a couple thousand because money is being spent where others can be paid to spend that money on more things and help?

2133 days ago


i know as soon as they were delivered crown bar wanted to get rid of them. i would of took them home with me and broke them down and made bouquets and sold what i could and took the money to the domestic violence center mother's and children and donated the money and what flowers i had left. there was a soup kitchen that was running short on money donations and a company donated 5K and they stretched that money for 2 years! ok he blew 5K on these flowers so he signed a 100 million dollar contract. so now he can go to crown bar every night get dissed and buy the 5K worth of flowers every night for the next 5 and a half years! what a stimulus package!

2133 days ago


Jamie l won the thread. This is an interesting tack for Seth to take. Personally, would have bought the crown and fired the doorman.

2133 days ago


I dare say that every single person who has commented about his "wasting" of money that could be given to starving children or, as one of them put it, "to get this country out of the toilet," doesn't think a thing about wasting their own money. If you go out to eat, to sporting events, movies, concerts, or buy DVDs, electronics, toys, pizza, fast food, excess clothing, more than three pairs of shoes, vehicles, or beauty products, you're spending money on things you don't need. So why aren't YOU saving all of that money and sending it to starving children or to hoist the country from it's economic quagmire (sorry for the Family Guy pun, but the word fits so well!), rather than selfishly squandering it on things you don't need, but want anyway to make yourself look better or have more toys?

It's his money, he can do whatever the hell he wants to with it, just like the rest of us.

2133 days ago


The only way to definitely waste money is to light a match to it.... Otherwise, it all pays for somebody's rent and groceries all the way down the line. In this case, the $5000 made it to the people who sold the flowers and who grew the flowers, the people who rented the store space to them, the people who worked in the flower store and the people who keep it clean, the people who delivered the flowers, the people who sold them gas to deliver the flowers, the local, state, and federal governments that collected business and personal taxes from them all (and hopefully did a few good things with the money besides paying back our everlasting war debts and preparing for more wars), etc. etc. etc. Besides, the flowers look nice and make people happy when they see them! Keep stimulating the economy, Seth.

And now he has a great little subplot to incorporate into Family Guy some day.....

2133 days ago

frogs and gravel    

There is class and there is being a prick. Which is Seth? You decide.

2132 days ago


what an idiot a fool and his money are soon parted, and this moron fits the bill.. if you want to bash someone with your money i would have picked something a bit classier than sending a bunch of expensive pointless flowers to a wine bar to make a point..

2132 days ago


What a hideously pompous, self-aggrandising waste of $5000. Half the world is in poverty. The top of Seth's priority list? Quite literally wasting $5000 so that everyone knows he's making bank.

It turns out the creator of Family Guy is a complete wanker. Who knew?

2132 days ago


Everybody already knew he was "making bank" and half the United states is in poverty becasue of THEIR OWN BAD CHOICES!
DO NOT tell me that those people actually "thought" they could afford those mortgages, PAAHLEEZZ!
Now the rest of the world is expected to bail them out, pfft!

2132 days ago


Wow there's a lot of socialists here that apparently don't believe in free enterprise! Last I checked, people didn't just get wealthy by accident and when it's THEIR money THEY can spend it HOWEVER they please. You people rambling about starving people are ridiculous. If you're looking for communism, move to Cuba or China and STFU!

2132 days ago
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