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Don't Discount Me Out

11/26/2008 2:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the guys from 'NSYNC who isn't Justin or Lance claims the only reason he was at a super-discounted outlet tent in Hollywood yesterday was to "take his friend there."

JC Chasez: Click to watch


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I'm shocked anybody knew who he was. I forgot he existed.

2156 days ago


Same clothes half the price - what is wrong with that. TMZ acts like this is a bad thing. Our economy sucks right now. TMZ is just showing people that they should be embarrassed to shop at such a place. Shame on you TMZ!

2156 days ago


Stars can't bargain shop?

2156 days ago


there is nothing wrong with getting a deal on some new threads. There is however something EXTREMELY wrong with "men" wearing scarves without a jacket. It's very effeminate and makes you look like a TOOL! a very ghey tool....but then again he did sing in a boy band and does get manicures....

2156 days ago

northern gypsy    

doesn't matter what his reason is for being there...he wants no part of you (tmz)...thats very obvious..

2156 days ago

my 3 cents    

buy buy buy

2156 days ago


Stop hating on JC. He was the best singer in that boy band. Also, he made millions of dollars with them and continues to write good music. He hardly needs to bargain shop, but so what if he did. When is it a crime to catch a good sale? Keep up the good work JC.

2156 days ago


I love JC and I love bargain shopping, I would love to bargain shop with JC any day. And I know for a fact he is not gay, scarf or not. :O Happy Thanksgiving

2156 days ago


TMZ, it's an intelligent thing to bargain shop in this economy. There's nothing shameful about it! I love this guy. He's a very nice person. He's very handsome as well.

2156 days ago

Kid Charisma    

This queerball with the scarf makes Lance look like He-Man.

2156 days ago


OOOOOHHHHHH!!! A poncho would just MAKE the outfit complete!!

2156 days ago

JC Rules!!    

So what if he was bargain shopping, these times are tough for anybody just like he said. Shame on you TMZ for trying to meke a fool out of him, JC is probably one of the nicest most down to earh celebrities there is, very talented and an amazing voice. I cannot wait until he releases his next CD so I can go buy it, so please support him and make sure you buy it too, if anybody out of NSync deserved to make it big was and still is JC not Justin.

2156 days ago

To see or not to see    

(2:54 PM, 9:23PM) Americans have strange ideas.... A scarf without a
jacket makes you "very" effeminate, a tool?!?
If it's just a little crisp, wearing only a scarf and not taking
along your jacket is not a bad solution.

(And once again - between the lines - we understand that being gay,
or vaguely looking like it, is a shameful thing

2155 days ago

Savannah Auditore    

I would love to go bargain shopping w/ him. after dat, we could go somewhere isolated and I'll blow his mind. ;)

1334 days ago


a "little" late but whatever 1. he has plenty money! 2. so what? everybody likes sales right? 3. he always said in NSYNC that he was cheap soo nsync or not he dosnt spend like crazy! ok?!!

1225 days ago

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