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Antonio Pierce: Gun? What Gun?

12/6/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce says he had no idea Plaxico Burress was carrying a gun the night he shot himself in the leg at a Manhattan night club.Burress and Pierce
A law enforcement source says Antonio "almost had a heart attack when the gun went off and he realized what happened," according to the Daily News.

The source says Pierce apparently met with authorities for a full week after the incident, and that Pierce was "Very forthright ... He said he didn't know in advance about the gun."

Meanwhile NYC Mayor Bloomberg isn't impressed with Burress' claims of innocence and stated, "You carry a loaded gun, you go to the slammer for 3-1/2 years." Next week, investigators will talk to Dr. Josyann Abisaab, who failed to report the incident to police after treating Burress.

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....But if you buy a Hooker with tax payers money, you go free.........Laws are Laws Bloombigot.

2150 days ago


1st biches

2150 days ago

Joe the plumber    

This whole thing is being blown out of proportion. This was an accident and it was a registered gun. Yes he did not have a permit to carry. It was not used to commit a crime or to plan a crime. He should be punished but not with prison.

2150 days ago



Do you ever stop to think about it that maybe it's just because there BLACK so they'll get the harsh punshiment!!!!!
we black people go thru so much for you hill billy MF's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2150 days ago



Vindicator was making a valid point. And it didn't have anything to do with race. Plus he was defending Plax! WTF are you talking about???

2150 days ago


Plax is an idiot in any color.

2150 days ago


Loser is as loser does.

2150 days ago


HEY BLACK GUY re-read what vindicator wrote

2150 days ago

Triple Play    

Black guy # Have someone read to you what vindicator wrote.

2150 days ago


This story has been reported to death on TMZ.

2150 days ago

Triple Play    

Will # 3 Let it go. The gun was not registered in NYC so according to he Law it was an illegal hand gun. If someone was shot instead of that idiot you would probably plead your case the same way. The Giants no longer want that headache so I gusee he will end up in Gangsta Heaven in Dallas or Oakland. You can take the brother out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the brother

2150 days ago


Yeah, you GO, Bloomberg, make that nitwit with a gun PAY. Crimes like these, especially in a place like NYC need harsh punishment to deter meglamaniacal celebs from trying to bypass the laws.

2150 days ago


So who does Pierce call the moment this happens? 911, the hospital, Buress wife, who? He calls the Team Trainer---the dude that tapes ankles for the team on what to do...he says take him to a hopsital that is more than 20 blocks away, like maybe the ankle taper knows the Giants have an IN with that place. Pierce is a liar who had had a week to get his story straight. Let him swing too. Same with the Doctor who didnt report it and the Club who didnt call 911 and the Giants and the NFL who didnt report it right away either.

The Mayor is the only one thinking clearly here. No more coddling of Athletes screwing up. Arent we about done with the step n fetch it types anyway? What an insult to a whole Culture, making heroes out of zeroes. btw step n fetch it was a millionaire and miserable. Bunch of rich white people paying to be entertained by poor black people all its boiling down to be. Its become a joke and Obama must end it. Glad to see Bloomberg calling it out.

2150 days ago

i still hate retards    

black guy---maybe you wouldn't have to go through so much if you learned grammar. why don't people know the difference between words like too and to, they're, their, and there, its and it's to name just a few? do schools just pass these dumb asses just to get them out of their hair? it's not just because "there" black it's because they're stupid. notice i used all correct usages of the words i mentioned. check your (NOT you're--another good example) local listings for SYLVAN if you still need help.

2149 days ago


The "Just a dog"angels came down and bit the BOY in the butt. Go to JAIL. Go DIRECTLY to jail. Do NOT pass go. Do NOT collect millions of dollars. BYEBYEBYE. HAhahahahaha

2149 days ago
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