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Papa Roach Drummer Bugs Out, Sues Band

12/12/2008 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He was already kicked to the curb, but now Papa Roach's ex-tubthumper claims the band is screwing him out of some serious loot too.

After Papa Roach let drummer David Buckner go on Christmas Eve last year, he claims the band has been raking in hundreds of thousands -- at least -- in his absence, and not giving him his proper cut. Buckner also says his relationship with his ex-bandmates has become "strained and antagonistic." Translation: They hate each other's guts.

Buckner says in the suit he "desires to dissolve Papa Roach." The band couldn't be reached immediately for comment.


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recon dave    

get over it dude i just saw papa roach in greensboro the drummer they have now blows your ass away

2119 days ago


David.... GOOD FOR YOU!!!...I'm happy for you... You created that band too... more power to you.. wishing you luck...Since you left the band, I don't listen to P roach anymore... Have a blessed Holiday..

2119 days ago


reason why you cant get a hold of them is because they live in their tour bus. they are one of the hardest working bands in the biz

2119 days ago

all lubed up    

good.....break this band up and stop the nonsense!

2119 days ago


What happened?? Why do they all hate each other now?

2119 days ago


This is sooooo not true. Stupid Tabloids.

2119 days ago

Tiga woods    

They had enough of your unstable drugged life. you should have cleaned up dave!!! You had it made. I thought coby would go down the tubes before you.

2119 days ago


I have seen P Roach twice and Dave was not part of either show. Actually from the last few years they have had a stand-in drummer and I am glad that the band finally gave him the spotlight. If Dave was that caring about the money and name he should have covered his bases when he left the band. I hope the Jacoby, Jerry, Tobin, Tony, & the name Papa Roach live on forever!!!!!!!!!

2119 days ago


ok sorry about that last comment,i was just really mad ok
i did have a few errors let me correct them.

he goes by dave.......
i guess you can say he WAS one of the founders of the group,but when he first left he had no problem with them....
why all of the sudden?

anyways,i'm sorry to those who were offended and sorry about my errors in the last comment...i'm just a hot head that needs to cool off a's just papa roach is my life and i hate when people screw with them

2119 days ago


way to blow all ur money on drugs dave. u spent all urs, u cant take the rest of the bands money. next well hear that ur suing mia tyler for not paying up enuf when u were married to her.

this will settle outta court n we wont hear nething else about it.

n Lovely_XxXxX, dont be stupid. tabloids dont care about papa roach enuf to make up stories about them. they dont sell their magazines or bring people to their websites. they make stories up about brittney spears and paris hilton (all the "hollywood whores" if you will. lmfao) the band probly wont even update us about it on the site bc they dont want ne1 to talk about it or whatever.

2119 days ago


It's so sad to see that it has come down to this. I read all 18 pages, and it angers me how he calls out the way the guys have been spending their money and how its not fair. YET. Towards the end, he was always absent. In court they are going to bring up every dirty detail about every little thing ever done. It's disgusting

2118 days ago

In The Know    

Dave should get the royaties he deserves. He did put alot of work into the band and was always hustlig for the band from day 1. I think Papa Roach's manager and lawyers should have done a better job and made sure everything went as smooth as possible. I would be pissed if money was owed to me but loans were taken out against money that was coming in.This kind of stuff happens all the time with bands... it's rock N roll

2118 days ago


Ughhhhh!!!! I cant believe Dave would do this. Jacoby, Jerry, Tobin and even Tony put their hearts into all the music they make, and i cant believe Dave would be concerned about money and stuff. Papa Roach for life.

2113 days ago


Dave, you were good, yeah but your days are over with the band, get over it and live your life, you have your new band "last la angles", leave P.Roach Alone, dude whats the point, u just Jealous that tony is much better than you, and that the new album is come awesome.. hey live with it.. and for all those Mother F%^ks that don't support papa roach... if you don't like it don't listen to it ..that's it.. ....

2109 days ago


omg i actually used to like dave but now hes gone and done this i hate him! wtf is his problem just coz hes wasted all his money!!!!! u didnt see him complaining about this a year ago!

2098 days ago
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