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"Price" Winner's Final Bid -- I Didn't Cheat!

12/18/2008 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While conspiracy theorists are raining down on "The Price Is Right" miracle, the dude who nailed the value of his showcase -- to the dollar -- is declaring there was no funny business, just crazy-ass skill.

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In a radio interview with DJ Andy Gil on 93.1 in Las Vegas, Terry Kniess explained how he called the exact price of not only his final showcase, but also the initial item up for bid that got him onstage. His trick: he watches the show A LOT.

Terry had already seen the "large, green egg ceramic cooker" on the show three weeks before -- so he knew it was $1175. As for his strategy for the Showcase Showdown -- you'll just have to listen.


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mama judy    

Skills... yes. Luck... absolutely! By the way, I like Drew. He's very approachable and adds a relaxed attitude to the show that I like. I also like how he pays tribute to Bob Barker from time to time.

2104 days ago


I love PIR!! I take care of an elderly lady and we watch it everyday...and we were so happy when that guy got the price"right on the nose"!! Congrats to him!! My old lady friend and I cant wait til we go see the show!! maybe we will be next!!

2104 days ago

josette sanders    

I was on the show that day and it was my sister in law Sharon next to him. I was ready to run on stage because I new she had it. I was wrong. I thought like everyone else, Is this a Sham? I thought someone was throwing wool over sheeps eyes. I came to the conclusion that people can be lucky. Peolpe are picking lotto numbers and one out of millions will possibly pick all the numbers. So, why could'nt Terry be lucky? My sister was estatic. She was very happy for Terry too. We walked away with a thrill for the day and I said I'm next and went back Dec. 1st to have my chance. It was my lucky day and I became a contestant on the PIR and proud of it too. My show airs Dec. 23rd. It was one of the most exillarating moments of my life. Drew is a good guy as well. Television does him no justice. Off camera we had a ball and Drew can work an audience believe me, I was there and I am a hard cookie to please when entertainment comes to play. My sister Sharon, the other contestants and Drew set the energetic stage that day.

2104 days ago


I used to watch The Price Is Right every day. I got pretty darn good at bidding and often times came closer than the actual contestants. "If I'd have been on there, I would have won!"

2104 days ago


I was at the Price Is Right years ago. I don't see any way that he could have cheated. I am happy for him. Other than that, I think Drew is a fat slob who tried to talk down to the models. He talks like he thinks the models cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Evidently he has a self complex problem that he projects on everyone else. I think he has bought the show down, but, I love watching the price is right. Who knows maybe he will be replaced one day....Hurry up please!!!!

2104 days ago


If Drew Carey dropped dead right here, right now, Hollywood would lose about 50% of its original yet still good writing capability. He made the Drew Carey Show premise work. Do you know how hard that is? A fat guy with glasses who lives alone with a crumby job in Cleveland with a tranny looking secretary with two dull-witted friends and a cute Irish chick has adventures every season. Reruns worth of seasons. Oh, and people will say he "jumped the shark" when they brought in his transvestite brother who marries Mimi.

Anyways, I think this reeks as bad as Peter Popoff actually having a direct line to the Lord. I mean, if God likes that guy that much, Wall Street is His favorite reality show. (Maybe God just likes public lynchings but even He needs a premise.)

2104 days ago

just a user    

He didn't cheat, but HE DIDN'T DO IT ON HIS OWN. He got help from the super fan in the audience, "Ted".

If you watch the broadcast of the show when he is making his bid (around 33:02), an edit that appears in the actual show is not there. Terry is CLEARLY looking out into the audience, mouthing his bid to superfan, "Ted".

So, you have a liar (Terry), and a douche bag ("Ted").

2103 days ago


I am pleased that Terry Kneiss cleared things up on that radio interview in Las Vegas that he didn't cheat. You can tell that he recognized many of the prizes on the show. Maybe it was a bid that came out of his head. One of those unusual bids instead of something ending in 0, 25 or 50. I thought the showcase was $30,000 to me, because those trailers cost quite a lot these days. Never would I have expected him to bid it on the nose. A remarkable moment in the game show's long 36 year history!

2102 days ago


They circulate the same prizes every season, especially the living rooms, cars, dining rooms, and so forth. I noticed how many times last season (2007-2008) that they had that bottle of V-8 for $3.15 in the pricing games. I went to my grocery store to see if it was $3.15. Unfortunately, it was a few cents more.

2102 days ago


Heard the inteview with Terry Kneiss of Las Vegas--very well done. He did do his homework and he did watch the show long before he was a contestant on it. Some prizes I do remember seeing, but they add new stuff to balance it out a bit. The novocaine part about him getting it exactly right was a good analogy. Also, strategy works for any contestant. All that being cute and I'm on TV pap doesn't work. He predicted that it was $1000 per square foot for the 19-foot trailer. Most of us don't think about that sometimes. I can tell by some contestants when they miss off by $20,000 on a boat or a luxury car on a showcase that they don't watch the show that much. I'm sure that Terry's going to get some more interviews after this.

2102 days ago


As any dedicated fan of the show knows... they often reuse prizes and certain games have certain tricks to them... the "0" rule in Ten Chances being one of the most known by fans and so the most frustrating to watch when contestants don't know it (as happened to my wife and I when we were in the audience during Spring Break 2001. (During the two shows we went to, we did not get called to Contestants' Row, but we are in the front audience row (Seats 3 and 4).)

In the old days, the Grocery Game always had something that was 25 cents. Buy 25 of them and you would immediately win. ($6.75 to $7 used to be the target range.) The x10 rule on Hit Me would be another more recent example.

Anyway.... we watched the shows very intently for a year or so before we went and eventually with minimal work we got very good at "couch winning" all kinds of games and prizes. So it's no surprise to me someone could get a showcase exactly right.

I think one of the things that makes it seem more unlikely is that I have noticed over course of watching the show the last several years is that contestants ... especially younger contestants are generally horrible at knowing the prices of things.

So when someone does get on that knows what they are doing it looks even more impressive now than it would have before.

2097 days ago
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