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USC Football Catches Academic Ass-Whooping

12/29/2008 12:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you wanna get into the prestigious University of Southern California, you're going to have to compete for admission spots with some of the brightest people in the country -- and a bunch of dumbass football players.

USC Trojans: Click to watch
The Men of Troy hit Lawry's for the annual pre-Rose Bowl prime rib dinner last night -- but when we asked about VP-elect Joe Biden, disgraced governor Rod Blagojevich and euthanasia, well ... the world-class athletes looked more like world-class tackling dummies.

Fun Fact: They're still going to beat the crap out of Penn State.

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Wow that is really sad. That is why I didn't like dating jocks much in college. Self centered dumbasses.

2123 days ago


and these men will be making millions soon just keep them off wall street we have enough problems there as it is

2123 days ago


1st of all, I'd be willing to bet that USC does NOT beat PSU. This is PSU's year and I think USC is in for a shock. 2nd, just a little fun fact, PSU has one of the best academic records for athletes in the country.

2123 days ago


Lawry's? LOVE their creamed spinach !!
Damn, it's early in the mornig in Cali and now I already have a craving for their Prime Rib too.

2123 days ago



2123 days ago


That is pretty pathetic, isn't it? These guys are probably "majoring" in subjects such as Sociology, (???!!!) , Communications, etc. These types of classes have been around since the 70's, and I'm sure they were made up so knuckleheads like them have something to "major" in.. Where do these guys end up if they don't make it into the NFL??!!! Also, I'm from CA, but I think Penn State is going to wipe the field with them. Go Penn!!!!

2123 days ago


PENN STATE all the way baby!!!!

2123 days ago


These guys have been playing without their helmets.

2123 days ago


That video is more proof that athletic scholarships need to eliminated. What a bunch of dumbasses!

2123 days ago

common sense    

This just goes to show you that the governing rules of the NCAA don't work. These dumb jocks were just as dumb in high school if not worse. You don't need to go to college to be able to answer the grade school questions these idiots couldn't. At least I know where NOT to send my own kids. Two of my kids are stellar athletes but are not allowed (my rule) to play unless they make A/B honor roll. If they want an athletic letter, it must be combined with an academic letter. There has never been a problem with their grades or sports performance. What's really sad is most of these dumbasses won't be making the big bucks in pro sports.

2123 days ago

The former shadow of WTC one.    


AMERICANA CIRCA any date post 1982...Ask these meat heads what the best PS3 game is....What color Paris Hilton's Bentley is...TOP 5 Hip hop hits....Best night to hit the "club"...how to mix red bull and vodka... and you get 5/5.

You will find the same "meatheads" on any campus....in any city...in the US of A.

Wake up! This is our best and brightest? No, they are in EYE RAQ doing the heavy lifting so these Neanderthals can sleep till 11 AM every day.

Joe Biden….Who dat? Youths in Asia…WTF I knows bout dat!

2123 days ago

Lana Caine    

Lawry's does not serve steak--they serve Prime Rib, hence the name "Lawry's The Prime Rib".

2123 days ago

common sense    

This makes me sick. My daughter had a 4.20 GPA in high school and couldn't get a full scholarship. These fools barely passed high school and got a free ride and STILL don't know anything. Heaven help the future.

2123 days ago


When I played college football, we had to apply through admissions like very one else. If we were accepted, then our scholarship was granted, but if not then we had to sit out a year and maintain at least a 2.0 for that entire year. Thse guys may come across as dumb, but there still taking all the same courses that most students at USC take, so does it really matter? I think what I would like to know is how many of those people who didn't know who Joe Biden was actually voted for Obama.

2123 days ago


Your daughter had a 4.2 and couldn't get a full ride? Wow. Shocking considering those dumb jocks can make more money for the school on a single Saturday in October than your daughter could make for the school in her entire lifetime.

2123 days ago
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