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Police Investigate Jett Travolta's Death

1/3/2009 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 11:50 ET. We've learned John Travolta has made arrangements with a funeral home in the Bahamas to ship Jett's body on Tuesday, presumably to Florida. The autopsy will not be performed until Monday morning.

Sources at the Freeport Grand Bahama Police Department tell TMZ the Serious Crimes Section is conducting an investigation into the death of Jett Travolta, the 16-year-old son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, but cops don't believe any crime was involved.

A detective tells us the investigation is being run out of the Central Detective Unit, Serious Crimes Section, because of the high profile nature of the death.

We're told it is still an active investigation and the time line may be important in determining cause of death ... specifically, Jett was last seen going to the bathroom on January 1st, yet his body was not discovered until 10 AM the next day.

It is unclear if Jett fell and then had a seizure -- or if a seizure caused him to fall.


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Thank God! I find the fact he was not seen for such a long time extemely disturbing! Something very wrong with this whole picture....

2117 days ago


my heart goes out to the family. It must have been a big house. The only thing I can think of is that they thought he was in bed sleeping. 16 year olds tend to sleep late. They must have then gone to check on him when it got late and he didn't come down for breakfast or whatever. How sad for the entire family.

2117 days ago


I don't find it odd that he hasn't been seen. They live in Florida not LA and John doesn't really get much press coverage on a day to day basis.

2117 days ago


If the kidd was severely retarded his death was a blessing in disguise.
Taking care of such child is a lifeong, terrible burden.

2117 days ago


This is so sad and so very wrong! I am glad there is an investigation taking place. If Jett had seizures, then was he not on medication and why did it take so long to notice he was not around????

Lot's of questions need to be answered and I have a gut feeling "we" will never get all of them!

2117 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

I can not imagine what they must be going through. This very tragic.
I can not help but sense a certain irony in all of this.
John had portrayed an immune deficient teenager in a movie a long time ago.
Fate can be very cruel. I hope John and Kelly can pull together enough strength to see them through this.
I do not believe any of the speculations regarding their faith and attitudes towards treatment.
If anything, Jett lived that much longer due to their care.

2117 days ago

R.i.P Jett

2117 days ago


I used to do speedballs with him. The kid could do more junk than people twice his age. I know he hated the needles, but I warned him that snorting that crap could check him out of the game if he was not careful.

Kawasaki syndrome? He never mentioned it, but I guess one could mistake the blue foam around his nose and mouth for 50:1 oil or something.

Any way, sorry to see you go buddy. The John Belushi way is never a fun way to check out.

2117 days ago

Voodoo Witch    

At least Jett will now be with a loving God. Jett was simply baggage that John Travolta was forced to cart around. How could he ignore his dead autistic son for an entire day and not notice Jett missing? Even the caretaker was lax. Now John is freed from his burden and no longer stuck with his imperfect creature he obviously despised.

2117 days ago

arte help    

All clues to this death point to the cult of Scientology, they don't believe in modern medicine, like the Amish.

2117 days ago


There was something else going on with this boy. I am a Pediatric R.N. and if you look at the videos, this boy obviously had some "other" diagnosis. Autism? Mentally challenged? Epilepsy?
I just wonder if he was treated medically, I do not know the beliefs of the Scientology church.

2117 days ago


#4 you are an unfeeling jacka**. I agree, something is wrong. Why would you not see your son from the night til morning. Who saw him go into the bathroom? A kid that size would make a loud noise if he hit ANYTHING. Really troubled tht you don't say godnight to your child. That is troubling. I am sure they are kicking themselves for not checking on him. All my prayers.....

2117 days ago


The Bahama police are worthless. That is a shame, because if these 2 denied their son medical treatment, they need to go to jail. Scientology is similar to the Mormons molesting children in the guise of marriage. Crimes being committed in the guise of religion.

2117 days ago

white knight    

How could anyone, especially someone with epilepsy, be missing for that long when you are on vacation. This is the type of story a 12 year old would make up when he's trying not to get grounded. Fishy does not describe the smell. Bahamian police are for hire as we well know. The truth will haunt them forever I bet.......

2117 days ago


It was no doubt an accident. Few people woul check on a 16 year old every minute, especially in a house with a safe enclosure.

Some of the paranoid schiz posters here see a conspiracy in everything, that's the nature of their mental illness.
They tend to hyerventilate about other people's sex lives and their various doings because their own lives are empty.

2117 days ago
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