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Michelle Rodriguez: The Trash & The Furious

1/6/2009 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Rodriguez's work is garbage ... literally.

The demure 30-year-old probation violator fulfilled her court-ordered community service by picking up the debris on the side of an L.A. freeway on Monday.

It's still unclear if her career was in one of those orange bags.


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R. Norman    

Well, her skin is dark and her choice of a partner spoke against her so the law hit her hard.

She did her time once over at Hawaii and I call what the state of California did against her since she returned harassment and waste of tax money.

2034 days ago


HA HA HA comment number 26, your right she is a naturall at this. I grew up with this thing. She is not a "DOWN TO EARTH" person she is a 5 letter wrd that I would rather not say. But it is what s it! I would rather be living in the streets than see her agin!

2067 days ago



2113 days ago


Who is she and why is she street cleaning ?

2113 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

2. Who is she and why is she street cleaning ?

Posted at 10:55AM on Jan 6th 2009 by Divashels

Who is she, you ask? Everything you could want in a woman: history of bi-sexual activity, loves to drink, smoking-hot body, and a ton of money from a series of movies. Not only that, but she has real breasts!

2113 days ago


She's the type of chick that would laugh at this pic and that's what is cool about her. Michelle Rodriguez= muy caliente!

2113 days ago


At least Michelle is not shirking her responsibilites like Paris, where is all the good she was supposed to do after she got out of jail...oh that's right, maybe her promise included getting drunk, doing drugs and dancing til all hours of the dawn...

2113 days ago


Michelle is awesome. I agree with comment #2, I would way sooner hire someone who actually does their community service than some princess who weasled out of their responsibilities (or got their lawyer to do it for them).

2113 days ago


Awwwwww....LOL......poor thing!

I've always wondered about those people wearing orange on the side of the roads. I didn't know that the State hired celebrities to do road work and stuff. Who else was out there?

2113 days ago


I love this woman....she is so fricken hot!! And I agree with #6. She seems so down to earth and real...not at all like those other celebrity a$$ holes !! Rock On Miss Michelle

2113 days ago

BorderLine Crosser    

Shes doing her duty like all the others who have been there! Rock On!

2113 days ago


I'd like to see Paris, Lindsay, or Nicole lift that bag when doing their duties, their little twig arms would break and they'd be crying about how they're all "like, icky" as their assistant stands 4 feet away with a bottom of Fuji water and their lawyer sits in a car nearby making sure they're treated respectfully.

Michelle Rodriguez is the real deal. She's cleaning up her mess (literally) and doing so in a real way, not a posh WeHo soup kitchen or something like the rest of them. She's hot and talented too so despite her legal mishaps I really do wish her the best. She rox and I can't wait for AVATAR!

2113 days ago


whoops! I meant "bottle" of water in my previous comment. though a bottom of water would be funny.

2113 days ago


She is doing a valuable service, but it's one that shouldn't be necessary. The real weenies are the people who throw all that crap out their windows. They should be the ones collecting it.

2113 days ago


wait, why would her career be in the trash? are you just dumb TMZ? she has like 4 movies coming out next year. HUGE movies too. get a clue. besides, she always treats your photogs super nice so try to show a little reciprocation.

she's one of the only actual stars u people even talk about anymore. socialites, reality show hos, and has-beens are NOT stars. keep talking about Michelle Rodriguez and Gerard Butler and I'm a happy girl. I prefer real actors and A/B-lister coverage over your other D-list nonsense any day.

2113 days ago
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