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Got Off Easy Compared

to This

1/8/2009 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out the Josh Brolin/Jeffrey Wright arrest video in Shreveport, Louisiana was tame -- compared to this incident. A woman had the crap beaten out of her by Shreveport's finest back in 2007.

Shreveport arrest: Click to watch
Watch what happens to this woman as she's interrogated for a DUI. The cop in the video was eventually fired.

Josh Brolin: Click to watchWARNING -- the video is graphic.


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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales    

First bitches !!

2112 days ago


This is my first time ever responding on here. It was the cut away when he first stopped the camera and than he restarted it, and she is on the ground in a pool of her own blood, and than there is more blood. Than the other Officer comes in and you seem him go, "Oh Crap!," than the cutaway to the ambulance. What was that officer thinking, just let the drunk make a phone call, make your job easy, and never ever listen to drunks, especially when she was handcuffed.

2112 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Mr Jindal hates white people.

2112 days ago

this is my name    

what a PIG!! ex police. if she was drunk, put her in the tank first, talk later. duh
by the way, the people fighting over who gets the first post are DUMB. TATA

2112 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

wtf! was she arrested for raping someone?? that is I N S A N E!!

2112 days ago


I didnt watch it, and I aint gonna. Is this celebrity gossip?

2112 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

That was friggen attempted murder. The cop was just 'fired'? Crazy sHlt!

2112 days ago


i notice the video cam was turned off or the tape edited so we did not see what the cop did to her. was he that stupid? what, he thought nobody would notice the missing footage? he should be sued and jailed. all cops are evil, all of them are school ground bullies with badges.

2112 days ago


My brother was stopped for drink driving, handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car. He got a bit mouthy back there, as drunks do and the cop pulled him out of the car, tied his feet together (his hands were in cuffs) pulled his feet out from under him and beat the crap out of him. His eye required stitches. The cop tried to take him to a fire station to patch up his eye but they would not do it. The police are out of control! Citizens do not deserve to be treated like this.

2112 days ago


If the cops would beat up ALL the losers that act like fools, there might be less stupid behavior.


2112 days ago


My brother-in-law is from Louisiana and he says the cops there are all crooked. They busted his arm when they were arresting him on suspicion of DUI, which he was not and it turned out he was not. Not all cops are pigs and I hate too see this because then it gives all of them a bad rap.

2112 days ago


I don't want to see it. I already know how BRUTAL the police are in the USA. In Europe, they do NOT use force. They do NOT carry GUNS or mase. And how interesting that there is LESS crime here. I fear the cop in America and I am smart to do so. They are deadly dangerous and trained to be brutal thugs.

2112 days ago


This is what you should do what you are told. I do not feel sorry for this drunk. If she sat her stupid ass down, this would not have happened.

2112 days ago


A good cop doesn't need to resort to tactics like this. Plus, it wasn't like his life was in danger. And, like someone else said earlier, it makes it harder for the cops that actually do their jobs!
9. If the cops would beat up ALL the losers that act like fools, there might be less stupid behavior.


Posted at 7:08AM on Jan 8th 2009 by Rob

2112 days ago


7- nah, the cops are the kids that were bullied, so now they take out on folks just cos they can.

2112 days ago
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