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Totally Deaf

to Big Debt

1/8/2009 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino apparently doesn't care she's going to find herself homeless because she's up to her eyeballs in debt.

North Carolina sheriff's deputies tell the New York Post they've been trying "at least a dozen times" to reach Fantasia about $65K she owes on a loan, without success. What's more, no one's even showed up to represent her in court about the big bill, and her mom and reps haven't offered any explanation.

Her million-plus-dollar Charlotte home is going on the auction block Monday.


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ok first she can't sing and second girlfriend u need to find out who your real friends are...o guess ya did! well guess we'll be watching another lifetime movie about how she went from fame to failure. Just Sayin'

2063 days ago


Fantasia is not going to be homeless. She has at least 2 other homes. There are problems in that subdivision with other owners too.

Why does everyone hate on Fantasia? She is the best performer out there today. Yes she is daring, yes she is wild,but she is much more talented than people ever give her credit for.

Stop saying that junk that you would have voted for Jennifer Hudson - she went home in 7th place for a reason- she didnt know how to control her voice or her bad attitude. She is a wonderful singer- but she did not do well on AI except for one song.

Im so tired of people picking on Fantasia - she deserves more respect than you give her.

She is doing just fine- performing at one of the Inauguration balls, finishing her 3rd cd, and getting ready for The Color Purple movie.

2063 days ago


Maybe she can't read the bank statements that say she is broke, maybe people will learn now it's not cool to be uneducated.

2063 days ago


OBAMA IS NOT A BLACK MAN...............................HE IS MIXED MORON...........................BLACK AND WHITE.

2063 days ago


I find it funny that for the last 400 years if a child is mixed (Black & White) he/she has always been considered black. And if Obama was laying face down on the ground at gun point by the police he would also be considered black. And if he were selling dope on some ghetto corner he would be considered black. Now though since he's a well educated, well spoken man about to take up the seat of the most power position in the world we're now suppose to consider him mixed. How Ironic it is!! Can someone please explain what the difference is.

2063 days ago


The fact that Fantasia is in financial trouble does not surprise in the least bit. She never really seemed to have a lot going on in the brains department!

2063 days ago


Who really cares what color Obama's skin is?

2063 days ago


It all comes down to Fantasia and her dead-beat family. She was not capable to handling her own affairs. She let her mama, brother, sister and everyone buy things. Such a shame. She needs to get rid of that red hair and perhaps someone would hire her. She looks like a fool

2063 days ago


Karriem, I am the grandmother of mixed children. I consider them people. They do not "relate" to one race they "relate" to people in general. It is real funny how "people" turn things into whatever suits them. Turn my response into whatever suits you. OBAMA IS MIXED................NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!!!!!! HE IS A MAN NOT A RACE!!!!!!!!

2063 days ago


She owns a total of 2 homes and they both are paid off and are worth $1.5 million dollars.She made $50,000 per week on broadway.She is not broke at all.This is a business move,many people are doing this today.She is worth over $1 million dollars.

2063 days ago


Guess she can always earn money as a food taster.

2063 days ago

Now what now?    

25. She owns a total of 2 homes and they both are paid off and are worth $1.5 million dollars.She made $50,000 per week on broadway.She is not broke at all.This is a business move,many people are doing this today.She is worth over $1 million dollars.

Posted at 7:16PM on Jan 8th 2009 by moneymanager

A business move? Yeah I can buy that. A person with Fantasia's education level would think it is a good business move to fork over a million dollar home that she owns outright to pay off a 65k debt. Yeah that is a great business move.

2063 days ago

To #26    

I've been to a Fantasia live performance and that girl CAN sing -- few singers today can sing with as much emotion as our 'Tasia. I've read that she has other homes so the girl will not be homeless. However, losing a home to foreclosure is not a smart financial move and it appears that Fantasia is in need of some guidance on handling her finances and lately, her career. Did you see the WTF expression on Simon's face when she performed on AI last spring?

2062 days ago


hey blkshepherd, whos's the racist? this story had no racist tone until you chimed in like the moronic, ignorant piece of sh_t you are. all you do is set the clock back with your stupid views. white or black "fantasia" is a worthless, got more than deserved idiot. that's right go spend the money you just made thinking you are all that and it will keep rolling in. guess who was wrong??? hope you enjoyed your 10 (didn't deserve the default 15) minutes of fame. do you want fries with that?

2062 days ago


Fantasia is so ugly, what happened to her career?

2062 days ago
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