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Hayden Calls Cops

After Bouncer Boots Her

1/13/2009 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0113_hayden_ex-1Hayden Panettiere called the police on herself! Allow us to explain.

Law enforcement tells TMZ Hayden P threw a hero-sized fit when she got tossed out of a 21+ club in Suffern, NY just before Christmas. We're told a bodyguard noticed her in the packed crowd checking out the Jon Turco Band and thought she looked young, so they checked her ID. He saw her DOB (she's 19) but evidently did not recognize her name. The club, per state regs, had to show her the door and yank her ID.

Now here's the best part: She was so steamed about losing her ID, she actually called the cops on herself to try getting it back. Cops showed up, got the card from the club ... and then gave it back to HP. The pic (right) is of her outside the club. Also, we're told she wasn't drinking or anything.


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who cares?

2109 days ago


why should there be an exceptrion for her? i dont CARE how many shows she's starred in. if MY underage friends can't come in, why should she? glad she got her ID back, but i hope she doens't get in next time anyways. im tired of celebrities doing whatever the fawk they want.

2109 days ago


milf? cougar? what evah, i WANT hayden's mom !!!

2109 days ago


Underage pea brain....gee, she is so unique!

2109 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Just break her legs then tell her to heal herself.

What an air head.

Of course its typical of Hollyweird - they all think they are SPECIAL and the rules dont apply to them.

2109 days ago


She's retarded white trash, that's nothing new.

2109 days ago


She wasn't complaining that she couldn't get in, go read it again, she just wanted her ID back. I wouldn't let someone keep my ID either, I mean it has her address on it, etc...I would have done the same thing.

Kudos to the bar for checking Id's and not letting her in, regardless of who she is

2109 days ago


How the F is this "news"?? All of the stories on your first page today are weak assed. Slow day for TMZ. At least no one has OD-ed or been shot by some wacko - so I am thankful for that but cant you PLEASE come up with something better than any of these stories?? This one especially SUCKS-- underage bimbo actress got caught at NY club - WHOOPTY FREAKING DOOOOO! & "the best part" - she is stupid enough to call the police when she is "thrown" (more like escorted) out is NOT a newsflash either - everyone knows they're all stupid like that. And this happened BEFORE CHRISTMAS???

Sorry to repeat my question - but HTF is this "news"???

2109 days ago

Spagetti Cat    

Xanadu, you do realize this is a celebrity gossip website and not a news outlet, right? I think you spelled wrong.

2109 days ago


When I was a kid living out East, Suffern NY was known as the town that had "Jackson-Whites". Half black, half white people and in many cases Indian blood mix. Was kind of Jim Crow Days, the end more or less, but the Jackson Whites more or less stayed there and didnt venture out much.

Not sure how it is now, but guess they have gotten with the Times if this goof was at a club there. Wow, havent heard the term Jackson White in a long while. I imagine its considered derogatory. Any East Coast people know about this?

2109 days ago


I just want to know what was the name of the bar in Suffern, NY. I used to hang out in that area. Just wondered if was a place I used to haunt.

2109 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Jackson White?

I thought they meant Jackson as in Michael Jackson turning all white.

2109 days ago


Card the cheerleader, card the world.

2109 days ago


I can't stand this girl and keep hoping they finally kill her character off for good on Heroes.

2109 days ago


I remember seeing an interview with HP on tv. Her comments about not needing school to get buy in life because she's travelled the world...Uh huh. she sounds like dumb @ss. No one gives you a job because you travelled the world. maybe she should have stayed in school. this is one cookie who thinks she gets her very own box. I hope Heros tanks and she's left on her @ss....

2109 days ago
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