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DMX in Jail: I Didn't Do It

1/14/2009 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ask anyone in jail how they got there, and they'll all tell you they're innocent -- DMX is no different.

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In an interview with KSAZ in Phoenix, DMX was insistent that he "didn't get in any trouble" last year -- which means this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this arrest were all figments of our imagination.

X also let loose a ton of fun facts -- including how he's starting a TV show from jail, how he just completed his first gospel album and how much he misses his eight kids. That's still more arrests than he has babies, but who's counting?


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I decided to leave my own comment...Who really freakin' cares?! I love how one comment turns out to always be a sounding board for peoples activist groups of some sort. Well enjoy your economy cuz here in Canada it's nowhere near as bad as there
AND it's because I watch TMZ for entertainment but others watch it and MTV as a forum for intelligent discussion at work and abroad. Enjoy Harvey and his crew making fun celebrities ( who usually deserve it ) and breaking news stories on court cases.

2038 days ago

Scarlett Vetri    

I love DMX. He has been in the industry for over 10 years just like Britney but yet if he goes abit crazy from fame, people don't care because he's a black rapper. He has sold over 55 million albums worlwide which is phenomenal and his movies are cool. If you do the crime you should do the time but I think he should have more support from the media. Could I just add that, if he was a "rock and roll star throwing tv's out of hotel rooms, biting the heads off bats or swearing at the media he would be hailed as a rock n roll hero! And as far as animal cruelty and the foreclosure of his home, because he is on drugs he is probably living a chaotic life and I know when he was last in jail he hired someone to look after his dogs and his house but they never did so it's neglect. He is responsible for that no doubt, but I find it hard to beleive he is cuel to animals purposely. Anyone that has followed his career knows he is obsessed with dogs!!! He said his first best friend when he was a boy was a dog called Boomer which is tattooed on his back. The full details (not media headlines) will come out when he goes to court.... in the meantime, Give D a break and listen to his music!!! Its so much better than all the trash commercial materialistic "Hip Hop" out there today.

2075 days ago


purty in pink..............

2075 days ago


OH yeah...the magical mystical master plan of explanation that will always come out when hes out of jail. typical guilty big star animal cruelty negro nonsense.

blah blah blah, only done at a level that makes it sound like its all so surreal and believable. Crook, criminal, animal abuser is what it is when broken down to language society has agreed to live by.

2075 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Frankly, my dear Scarlett, I don't give a damn. DMX is an idiot.

2075 days ago


Ok Scarlett i was about to disagree with you but from reading number 3's comments I see exactly what you mean

2075 days ago


jeeepers creepers why do we have to feel sorry for millonares who had the world on a string? here most folks have been struggling living from paycheck to paycheck and these idiots ..white and black cant seem to stay out of trouble and we supposed to feel sorry for them..he has 8 kids theres something wrong right there. what kind of idiot would let this druggie inpregnate them. No, sorry DMX. do your time come out and get a real job and struggle like the rest of us been struggling. no sympathy here.

2075 days ago



2075 days ago



2075 days ago

Scarlett Vetri    

Number 6 you are saying that DMX has never had to struggle? I have NEVER heard anyone say that about an African American before!!! You are dellusinal! Have you ever been to the Bronx! You think that if you become a millionaire then you have no problems and no struggle?? What planet do you live on?

2075 days ago


To #1 "Scarlett Vetri", throwing tvs out of windows and biting the heads off of bats is not the same as weapons and driving 100 mph which endangers anyone on that road. Also, just because he really like one dog, it could have been because that one was a good fighter. The details will come out soon enough.

It makes me sick to think this loser has 8 offspring. They need to neuter him while he is in jail. Once he loses all his money. WE will have to pay for his illegitimate kids. Sigh...

2075 days ago

Scarlett Vetri    

Number 11 you are an idiot if you are comparing crimes. Yes because throwing a tv which is somebody elses property out of a hotel room could hit someone on the head and kill them but thats ok because speeding is even more dangerous???!!! You make yourself sound unintelligent

2075 days ago

northern gypsy    

what is a fact...this fellow is in denial !!!
one...two...maybe three arrest...ok maybe...
dmx man-up...get your s&it together...

2075 days ago


DMX will not stay in jail long 1 to 3 years tops i am putting my money on the fact that he wont do 6 months he has a album coming out that his record label spent millions of dollars recording and promoting they wont let him sit in jail and cost the record label that kind of money so enter the high priced lawyers these multi billion dollar record label have on retainer to save the day. Me personally i don't care what happened to the dogs DMX was in jail and from jail you can't take care of much or control much of what your employees do if you hire someone to do a job and you are there to watch them then you know if they are taking care of the dogs or not. People speed down the highway all the time and they arent locked up in jail for it the drugs i understand going to jail for the rest is all B.S

2075 days ago


............DMX supporters..........why do you voice your support for people like DMX?..............Is this the best you have in your mind and life?......................If he neglected his animals, as stated, then he deserves nothing from anyone..............If he is just an under educated, no character, no honor, nothing person,..............then you need to take a longer look at what you deem as importatnt.................these type of people deserve nothing................It is more important, that you look at what you are doing with your thoughts, than what DMX is doing with his life.....................Hurt animals, you go to prison..........period.

2075 days ago
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