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Everyone Sings for Obama

1/17/2009 12:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former stripper David Hernandez can now say it --
"Yes I Can!"

We found out the "American Idol" wannabe will be performing in the Grand Ballroom at the Renaissance Washington Hotel for the inauguration kickoff tomorrow.

Jessica Alba is hosting. Maroon 5 will be performing. Samantha Ronson will be the D.J. No word on Lindsay. Tickets go for $250 a head. Attire: "celebratory casual."

BTW, Hernandez will be singing a song called, "Born Again American."


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2108 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

I studied Abe Lincoln, and Obama is NO Lincoln (at all) . Abe Lincoln was one of the Founders of the Republican Party , The Republican Party was founded on anti-slavery reformers (The Ideology of Freedom). The Democrat party turned to Nationalizing Resources and Companies which severly limits freedom (via socialism).

2108 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The Celebrities support the New DNC Socialist Party in Uniform Fashion , how can we trust any of the movies that they will produce in regards of political mystery ???

2108 days ago

Illinois person    

So this venue must be the "D" list event. I thought he only "performs" at gay strip clubs???

2107 days ago


I met David H. last summer in San Diego. I have only two word to describe him: douch bag. Or is that ONE word? Hmmmm

2107 days ago


I meant DOUCHE bag. I can spell, I sware!

2107 days ago

the real Lil Novella    

Debbie, we know this is you. Stop going around using our names and posting about us. Angie has told us what went on between the 2 of you. She told us how you both were with Constantine that one night and what he did. She banned you from the heathers. Get over it and stop this. It's getting old.

2107 days ago


Its politics - not religion you morons! Obama is just a little punk dumb enought to think he has all of the answers. "Just make em think they are helpless" Is his motto.
I will be watching 24 hours of on that big "kiss the new guys ass" day. Hes not Jesus!!!!!!!!

2107 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

To poster #2, ah, calm down you douche. For the rest of the sane world, neither David Hernandez nor Constantine is fit to sing for Barack's gig. I am not sure even our boy David Cook is fit enough! Can you imagine: (David Cook singing) "for so proudly we hailed at the TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHLight's last gleaming....." Insert his obligatory scream mid sentence. Me, I am taking the freaking day off. It's ON! I hooe Sulley the Pilot is there. Love that GUY.

2107 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Lil Novella, quit stalking me you crazy wino. Debbie, quit stalking me you bagged out Internet hag. (FYI, you'll find me trolling around soap opera sets trying to get a gig and I was just kidding about not stalking me.)

2107 days ago


I am so tired ot the Obama hype. If you want real change visit

2107 days ago


Its too bad that Ron Paul isn't cool enough to be president.

2107 days ago

Terry Conspiracy    

Those of you that think that socialism, or a social safety net restricts freedom should consider the cost of Police/security in comparison to the cost of food & other essentials to life. You have not seen a "mean street" of fear & desperation until you have walked on a "hungry street".

For the record, I consider myself to be a capitalist with a social conscience, & I sleep well with that contradiction.

On the point of tax cuts/hand outs = welfare. America should look at the strengthening of the social safety net, as the first line of defense in a realistic "Homeland Security" program. When the government distributes cash through universal handouts, the goal is to stimulate spending, and spending of course, is the grease that keeps the wheels of Western civilization spinning. The fact is, that when America gets a Universal check in the mail to keep the wheels of the economy turning, it is very predictable what will happen to that money.

"Rich people",(the smallest % of the population) will add it to their existing investment & savings portfolios. It would be rare to see these people actually put the money into their wallets & spend more. Giving money to rich people in fact, does very little towards stimulating the economy.

"Working class people",(the largest but shrinking % of the population) may invest or save some of it, but a much larger percentage of this population will be tempted to spend it on the so called "luxury" items like electronics, or furniture, or entertainment. The effect on the economy from giving working class people some extra money will be felt very quickly indeed. It has the added impact of influencing these people to pool this new money with their existing savings, for bigger ticket purchases. This will put more money back into circulation than the initial amount distributed by the government in the first place, for a maximum short term benefit to the economy.

"Poor people", (a small but growing % of the population) of course, will spend this new money very quickly, but it will be largely spent on essentials like food, clothing, & shelter. A much smaller percentage of this money will find it's way directly into the luxury product market. So in that sense, it's economic stimulating impact is smaller, but the rewards of giving the poor people extra money will be felt immediately in National security, & the overall "Quality of life" in America. Lets look at food in the light of national security. If a man is hungry, even if he is a basically righteous man, he will understandably, be tempted to acts of desperation (including crime) to ward off starvation. Give that same man a hungry family to be responsible for, & you have a very motivated, & potentially dangerous individual.

Providing poor people with food (& other basic essentials), whether it is in the form of a soup kitchen, or food vouchers for his family, would be many times cheaper than the cost of added security, to police a hungry population. When men (& their families) in America go hungry, the problems related to National security are compounded greatly.

Therefore, tax cuts & cash disbursements to the middle class & the poor = Homeland Security money well spent.

Do you agree, or disagree ?

What would Ron Paul say ?

2106 days ago


Way to go David!! I met David in Dec and he is the most caring, warm, funny and very talented guy. Norman Lear picked him to sing with 4 other people his new song "Born Again American" and I think that it is quite an honour!!!

2105 days ago


I've worked with David on a professional level many times -- and also had several occaisons to hang with him and some of his friends socially. He is very charming and funny and humble for his success. And he sings amazing. I understand there are big plans in Hollywood for this guy. If you don't l ike him -- just turn off the TV. Why all the hate? Didn't your mother breat feed you or something?

2104 days ago

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