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Cher Creamed in D.C.

1/19/2009 8:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Cher could turn back time, she wouldn't have to spend $915 on make-up.

Cher: Click to watch
62-year-old Cherilyn Sarkisian was spotted going into Sephora today -- and our spies inside say she spent almost a grand on bronzer, blush and eyeshadow!

Seriously. $915. Not kidding.


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.:Loki 4Ever:.    

I KNEW that TMZ would be swarming around DC this weekend through tomorrow, bugging and hounding celebrities... but this is already getting out of hand!!!

2100 days ago

Mrs. Canna    

She needs all that shiz to help her look half alive. Too much 'plastic' surgery is a bad thing.

2100 days ago


A thousand dollars for her vanity. If she's so happy Mr. Obama is President, maybe she should do something good for someone else, and spend that $1000 on paying someone's rent, or their electricity bill, or giving it to a homeless shelter. Pigs.

2100 days ago


It's actually pretty easy to spend $1,000 at Sephora. Good luck finding much of anything in there for less than $50. It's not Walgreens, for chrissake.

Anyone who still thinks $1,000 is a lot of money must be living in another universe.

And who's to say Cher doesn't give plenty to charity?

2100 days ago


How can that hag be such a snob???????
She is old news....she could have been a little more curtious, at least TMZ still gives a sh!t what she is doing.

2100 days ago


And who's to say Cher doesn't give plenty to charity?

Posted at 7:09PM on Jan 19th 2009 by notabigdeal

Well we now she didnt give any to Chastity. She's a very large in frame lesbian. The kid needed a makeover growing up, but the kind that good parenting brings not bringing the likes of Greg Allman into her life at that age. Nice move Cher---were you the only one on the planet that didnt know he was a drug addict back then?


2100 days ago


At Saphora that is like 3 things.

2100 days ago


I don't think most people know how generous and giving Cher is with her money.She is very quiet and humble about the money she gives away.About 5 years ago we had really bad wildfires in British Columbia and hundreds of people lost their homes.Cher had a concert in Vancouver at that time and she gave half the proceeds of her concert to the victims of those fires.
Canada loves you Cher.

2100 days ago

Illinois person    

First of all, Cher hasn't gone by her last name in at least 45 years. Second, since when is it breaking news that a lady is buying makeup?? As for Observer, just how much have you given to charity? When was the last time you paid someone's electrical bill? When was the last time you donated to a homeless shelter? As far as another comment suggesting Cher may have not been a good parent, well we know for fact, to date, as a single mother for years neither of her children have ever been in trouble with the law nor to either choose to live vicariously through their mother's fame. I think that says a lot for Cher. As far as her marring Greg Allman, well gosh let's see she divorced him way back in the 70s and has never looked back. In fact, she's gone on to win an Oscar so I think she's way bettered herself. Cher moved on years ago and it's time for you folks to step into the 21 century too.

2100 days ago


No. 9 "she could have been a little more curtious" by jonnielm

Are you kidding me!!? Obviously, you have never been in that position, otherwise, you would sympathize with her.

btw, it is courteous

2100 days ago

Rip It Up    

Can you teach your rude paps to speak proper English? This is you illiterate East Coast moron from NY and he took Amtrak to DC to harass celebs at the Obamathon. Send him back to Neward soon, he's an idiot. Cher should have kicked him in the balls.

2100 days ago


Sorry susan!!!!!

I suppose you have been in this sicuation? I think not
This is my opinion.

2100 days ago


"she doesnt suck"1977 sony bono.....'85 greg almond......'93gene simmond'z

2100 days ago

Jared Bradford    

Good god, that camera man sounds like a complete moron. How about just filming and not opening your big idiot mouth. Sheesh, he literally sounds retarded.

2100 days ago


She could spend $915,000. and it wouldn't help. Plus, she has a rotten personality. Yuck!

2100 days ago
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