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Travolta Extortion Plot -- Caught on Tape?

1/25/2009 12:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John TravoltaTMZ has learned Bahamian police have recordings of conversations in the alleged plot to extort millions from John Travolta.

We've learned Bahamian police are using the recordings in the investigation of Obie Wilchcombe, Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne. As we first reported, the plotters haggled with Travolta's reps -- initially demanding $25 mil and then reducing their demand to the mid-teens. Some of those conversations were recorded.


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Lucy, you have some explaining to do..........

2097 days ago


Why not leave this story alone and focus on someone we'd really like to hate on. Like Rush Limbaugh.

2097 days ago


It takes a REALLY sick person/persons to do something like this to a grieving family. It seems Hollywood stars don't fair well in the Bahama's.

2097 days ago


Clearly, there will be no investigation of Travolta's actions, (or lack there of) concerning the extremely suspicious death of his son. These people that are trying extort money are no more evil than the police covering up for Travolta. It stinks to high heaven, all around.

And Rush Limbaugh rocks, Curt the Cupcake

2097 days ago


and you wonder why celebs can't trust anyone, this is a perfect example.

2097 days ago


Clearly #5 Glimmershaft, you are deluded by your jealously of JTs success - there was NOTHING suspicious about Jett;s death. It figures you would have paranoid delusions about JT, but think highly of Limbaugh. That stink you smell is your own upper lip.

Much ado about nothing so far.... just a slow news week, so TMZ is doling out teeny pieces of a story that hasn't got much substance yet.

2097 days ago


cia should arrest them period. then waterboard em then cutt there n@@@ off

2097 days ago


Oh Glimmershaft, what in the heck are you talking about???? Get over yourself!! Go back to your Kook Ade

2097 days ago


Hey Glimmershaft,

if you think that John Travolta killed his own son, seek help now, and stop excusing the real criminals. Oh, one more thing. People like you who call police officers who do their jobs CRIMINALS should remember that someday you'll want these people on your side and shut up.

2097 days ago


I heard they were making a threat to tell the whole world that Scientology is a fake religion. And that it was his fault that his kid died because his religion wouldn't allow him to take medications.

Maybe, Travolta should have tried that steam detox thing they do to cure his son.

2097 days ago

nira k    

What was the information that they were using to extort the $$$$ ? Obviously Travolta doesn't care who knows what it is because it was he who called the authorities and negotiated, on tape, with the extortionists. But I still wonder what they could have had, or felt they had, that would get them millions from JT. Poor JT and Kelly.

2097 days ago


Let them rot in jail

2097 days ago


who in the hell believes that scientology is real? the only reason for that religion to exist is for famous people to use as a crutch for what ever problems they might have...and that normal people cant get in on like all the other religions out there. i mean L ron hubbards own son denounced him as a fraud for his church

2097 days ago


obamas such a loser...

2097 days ago


16. Many wealthy Americans give up their American citizinships to ex-pat and become Bahamaian citizens. Check out Michael D. Dingman, one of many. The tax breaks are extremely advantageous to the very wealthy. I would never accuse a government of being corrupt, as I have no personal knowledge that they are. Let me just say the Bahamas are a beautiful vacation spot, goverened by laws that are perhaps different than those in the U.S.

Posted at 6:06PM on Jan 24th 2009 by Bahama Mama

2097 days ago
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