Travolta Suspect Resigns

1/24/2009 1:10 PM PST

Travolta Suspect Resigns

One of the three people charged with trying to extort money from John Travolta has resigned.

Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater has tendered her resignation from Parliament today, releasing the following statement:

"Yesterday, 23rd January is a day that will live in my memory as a nightmare. In my capacity as a lawyer, I acted within the bounds of the law and within the bounds of my ethical responsibility to my profession. How these innocent actions can be so misconstrued, so perversely twisted to mean something other than it was, is a mystery. I assure the Bahamian people of my complete and total innocence and I am satisfied that when the full story comes out that I shall be fully vindicated. I will then take all appropriate and lawful actions for redress and to protect my good name.

I have spoken to the leader of our Party the Rt. Honourable Perry Christie. I have told him that while I am completely innocent, that I believe that while I fight these untrue and unfair charges that I should not put the Party through this ordeal. I have thereby indicated that I will resign from the Senate with immediate effect so that I can devote my full energies to the legal battle which now faces me.

I want to thank the Leader for his confidence in me and for allowing me the privilege of serving the country and the PLP. I want to thank the wonderful people of the Marco City Constituency for all their love, encouragement, prayers and support. I thank all people of goodwill who have sent words of encouragement. I thank my family and my counsel for all of their assistance. I am unbowed and I fully intend to fight so that I shall be vindicated. Please continue to pray for me."