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Mystery Document in Travolta Case -- Revealed

1/27/2009 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John TravoltaWe now know what the document is all about in the John Travolta extortion case.

Sources connected with the investigation tell us the document is an authorization for transporting Jett Travolta in the ambulance.

We're told John Travolta and Kelly Preston had an issue over where Jett Travolta should be taken for emergency treatment. We do not have further specifics, nor do we know why the alleged extortionists thought it was worth $25 million to keep private.

The Nassau Guardian has published a story saying it's a "refusal to transport" document. The paper cites the Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames, who says the document "is signed by a party when refusing, for example, emergency medical services from trained personnel."

Our sources say John and Kelly did not refuse treatment for Jett, but had an issue over where he should be treated.


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Perhaps as with the death of Lisa McPherson they only wanted a $cientologist quack Dr. to treat him.

2033 days ago

The Truth    

I smell the stench of scientology. But my senses have gone the wrong way before.

2033 days ago


Scientolocrap probably.

2033 days ago


yeah they argued over which scientologist voodoo doctor to take him too. mom probably opted for "real care" and "real docs" and daddy says no, we'll let the scientolo-quacks look after it.

there is more to this story than that little bit, they have something to hide for that amount of money, its big and no doubt involves their neglect and lack of proper care for their disabled child.

i hope someday the truth comes to light and the parents are prosecuted for abuse.

god help little suri cruise should she become ill. she will be doomed to the same fate, poor little thing.

2033 days ago


I don't know about in the Bahamas, but here in the US if a matter of life and death parents cannot refuse treatment for a child. (unless maybe they have a DNR for a terminal child) I wouldn't put it past those nutjobs to try to refuse care. Other Scientologists have killed there kids by refusing to properly treat their childrens medical conditions.

2033 days ago


It's not the nearest hospital. It's the most appropriate hospital. Which parents or patients have NO say. It's a medical decision.

2033 days ago


Scientology is involved, which likely means there's more to this than meets the eye.

This "church" makes the Mafia look like choirboys in comparison.

2033 days ago

Stating the Obvious    

Ummm... I thought he died at the scene, meaning why was it necessary to treat or not treat him in the ambulance, or what hospital to take him to if he was already dead??????? So, if he was alive, his parents are culpable, and yeah, scientolonuts.

2033 days ago


Why doesn't everyone let the child rest in peace and let the family morn the loss. Everyone is trying to blame Scientology. That's crap. Just because they are Scientologist and mega stars everyone thinks they have the right to but in to their lives.

2033 days ago


The whole situation sucks. While i believe they were a loving family, it is really worrisome that they would deny their child ncessary medical treatment...if they did.

2033 days ago


People 'blame' Scientology because there is so much for which they ARE to blame.

Scientology-it's FAR worse than you think.

2033 days ago

your mother    

All this over a Kawasaki crash. This is crazy.

2033 days ago


dear ceezee at #12: because Scientology mucks things up to the degree that people need to make sure no crimes or negligences were committed.

2033 days ago

GGW Fan    

Guys let's look at the facts. Kawa zakis (sp?) disease does not carry a symtom of siezures and generally does not affect children beyond the age of 5. Autism does carry the possibilty of siezures, but scientiology doesn't recognize autism as a medical issue. They think it can be cured by the "clearing of Thetans". So they did not administer the anti-siezure drugs that were prescribed by the Drs. They went to the Banhamas, and thier kid died.

Basicly Knowing the money and power behind them with thier "church" would protect them. This is supposing they didn't just hit his head on the toilet and leave him to die.

2033 days ago


OMG this is terrible...what a confusing mess! I think the Travolta's and all the Scientology followers need to board a private boat and stay out to sea. Ever heard the book , "A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY?," I think this is what will happen with that family. My God deciding on where to have Emergency Medical Treatment for your dying child? If I was on a Surfari Hunt out in the Jungle I would accept a Witch Doctor from a tribe! Anything if your resources are minimal to nothing. Everyday I wake up I think of this sad, sad story of this wonderful 16 year old boy who really suffered with medical and physical illness brought on by Autism. I have watched the video when the Travolta's were coming out of the restaurant the night before Jett died. Looking at John, kelly , Jeff and even the little girl they all seem to know something was going down. Wow the expressions on there faces were that of solomn almost like they knew it was going to be Jett's last supper. I read the latest update and found out that it wasn't a picture of Jett in his last moments, it was papers that the parents were denying to sign for medical help. They wanted Jett to get help however they didn't know where they wanted him to get it. My God, My God. You better get rid of you planes and buy a huge arch John load your family and all the Scientology and go out to sea and stay, because the news isn't making you and your family look to good and the arrows are pointing to the word ....GUILTY!

2033 days ago
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