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Heath Ledger Life Insurance Case Settled

1/29/2009 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath LedgerThe bitter dispute over Heath Ledger's $10 million life insurance policy has settled.

In legal papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, a deal has been struck between ReliaStar Life Insurance Company and the lawyer representing Matilda Rose, Heath's daughter and the beneficiary of the policy.

TMZ broke the story that the insurance company was stalling because it had questions as to whether Ledger's death might have been a suicide, even though it was ruled accidental. ReliaStar also maintained Ledger may have lied on his insurance application when he said he never used illegal drugs. The company felt both issues could void the policy.

Matilda's lawyer filed a lawsuit claiming ReliaStar was acting in bad faith.

Terms of the settlement are confidential.


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[][] ScOut W. [][]    

I AM SO GREATFUL, that poor child could have starved...NOT!

2071 days ago


Heath DID have a trust fund for Matilda.
The report (not just the 2 sentance statement) but the FULL REPORT from the medical examiner states clearly:
Ledger had only the "PRESCRIBED THERAPEAUTIC DOSES OR LESS" of his medications in his system.
He had a legitimate reason for everything he was on, and he was not being excessive.
And had been completely clean and sober for over a year.
The public cannot judge, because they do not have the facts.
But he was doing everything right.

2069 days ago


He had scripts for the meds he was taking. I take them too..that doesn't make me suicidal. Sometimes, the temptation is there to take a second 'cause they don't seem to be working. Leave the man be..he took care of his daughter and that''s the most important thing. These insurance companies look for any little thing they can to try to get out of paying legitimate claims.

2068 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Yes, ReliaStar had cause to dispute the information supplied by Mr. Ledger. We are now aware that Mr. Ledger did use illicit drugs, though we don't know when that began or how long it occurred.

But no one wishes to see little Matilda left out in the cold. I'm glad they reached a settlement.

2092 days ago


I'm almost certain little matilda will never want for anything with or without the Insurance pay out. However, this is typical from Insurance companies always looking for a way out of paying off on benifits. Perhaps they should be a bit more careful in the future when writing such a huge policy. Of course the agent only saw "$$$" with a young man taking out a huge policy and figured they would have made there money way before it was time to pay off.

2092 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Good.. they couldn't prove anything.. all they could actually prove was that he paid them for the policy.

Insurance Agents can be such AHoles. The love the payers.. hate the pay-outs.
They are such pigs.

2092 days ago


I am glad that this was settled. It upsets me that Reliastar dragged it like they did. I know it's only been a year, but I think there should have been no question and I think Reliastar just didn't want to pay out the large amount that was obviously paid out.

2092 days ago


Rent Sicko directed by Micheal Moore. You will see why insurance companies loves to f*ck people over with small errors or small tiny mistakes on applications to revoke their life insurance or health care.

2092 days ago


Insurance companies are something like investing your money with someone like Bernie Madoff!!! They sure want the premiums (the larger the better) but don't ever want to pay anyone a cent. Glad this was finally settled.

2092 days ago


Ahh, that fine line between "blatant stupidity" and "suicide." ("What do you mean, I can't just take three or four [or five or six] other pills if the first one doesn't work--?" asked Heath-- which is why actors are so often in the care of burly handlers.) Reliastar would have been completely justified in sending Ledger's estate packing without a cent. Generous-- and, yes, very publicity-conscious-- of the company to strike a deal.

2091 days ago

Suck My Bronze.    

Hey ReliaStar,

Can I sign up for one of those policies?

2091 days ago


I don't blame the insurance company at all, this is heath the losers fault. He did use illegal drugs often and lied, and od'ed,
the loser should have gotten a trust fund for poor little Matilda, it is ashame she is the victom because her daddy was a drug loving loser.
Oh and I thought he sucked as the joker too!

2091 days ago


Li,.. Totally inappropriate comments. The Man is dead. Geez,... show some compassion. Your oppinion on his performance as Joker has nothing to do with this situation. The fact that he did or did not use drugs is irrelevant. I can only assume for this large of a policy he was required to take a phisical before they provided coverage. If his drug use killed him that doesn't make him a loser. It is a tradgic loss and I would guess he had plenty assets to leave to his daughter. His pay off from The Dark Knight, You know the Character he "sucked" at Netted his estate more cash than most of us will ever see in our lifetime. Fact remains, Matilda is well taken care of. I don't think taxpers will be holding the bag when it comes to feeding, clothing and educating Matilda. I think your definition of "Loser" is just a wee bit open to discussion. Insurance companies should be forced to live up to the policies they write. The burden of protecting themselves is squarly on the agents. Maybe they should be more involved than simply writting a policy and collecting the premiums. Perhaps they should incorporate higher standards into there selection process.

2091 days ago


I work for MetLife, and with any new policy, there is a 2 year provisional period, where the life insurance company reserves the right to examine the death of any policy holder. There are 2 ways the company can not pay, the 1st being if the insured was found to be lying about any health conditions, and the 2nd is Suicide. After 2 years, the insured can die of anything and the insurance company will pay out. Hope this helps!

2072 days ago

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