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Jake G. Kicks Ass -- Ours!

1/29/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog got a kick out of Jake Gyllenhaal today outside court -- as in, Jake mule-kicked him in the leg!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Click to watch
Our cameraman was waiting for Jake to return from a scheduled lunch break from jury duty, when a frustrated Gyllenhaal walked into the door after pushing instead of pulling. We asked how he was doing ... wrong question ... Jake stomped down into our guy's shin.

Jake's now inside the courthouse, waiting to find out if he'll be selected on a jury that will hear -- get this -- a battery case.

UPDATE: 5:14 PM ET: Gyllenhaal was just excused from jury service in the battery case ... probably because he just committed one!


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Maybe Jake was feeling a little bad what with his best friends death just a year and 5 days earlier

2072 days ago


That cute little blonde knew to go after the cammerman, and not answer his questions. I think she stated: "Cameras are not allowed in the courtroom." Just totally ignored the cammerman's request for assistance, and is viewed walking away with no intention of investigating the assult. - That cute little blonde name needs to be found out, and sue her cute little panties off.

2072 days ago


I must admit Im very disappointed, I thought Jake was a gentleman, that's no way to treat a lady! *shaking head*

2072 days ago


I had jury duty today at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, and I was sitting outside about 20 feet from the door when this happened.

That overweight photog was such a jerk. If he ran like he did after Jake a little more, maybe he wouldn't be so fat. He had PLENTY of room to get his shot without barging in the door. He could have stood back where I wast and had a perfect shot of him coming in. Did he do that? No. He has to go running in the courthouse making a scene. Those guards have big guns. He's lucky he walked away with only a few bruises.

What's the big deal? He has jury duty. This is why I refuse to patronize this site. BORING.

2072 days ago


I agree with Steve!! If the paparazzi would've kept his nose out of other people's business he wouldn't have got kicked. Why do they insist on harrassing celebrities?!?! THEY'RE PEOPLE TO!!!! They need their space like the rest of us do! Alot of BSB fans are really upset and think it's VERY unprofessional how you contacted AJ McClean! If AJ does have a problem then he needs to deal with it ON HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!! This is why I've not pursed my acting career which has been a dream of mine since I was small! GET A FREAKING LIFE PAPARAZZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2072 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I like High Pitch. If Gyllenhaal had to come up with anything but a cheap shot, he'd go crying to his his mommy to change his diaper.

2072 days ago


LOL, he really didn't do anything wrong to that cameraman. your camera men ask the dumbest questions and they get too close to people and in people's faces; i would kick you too. you all are a bunch of dumbasses at tmz!! and you need to give your camera people lessons in manners, speech and distance from other people!! i believe the proper distance from another human being is 5 feet, okay tmz!! (dumbasses).

2072 days ago


Seriously the man deserved it. He has a life outside of acting! Leave the poor man alone! He was doing what we do on a normal basis. Going to Jury duty. Nothing special or important.

2072 days ago


I think this guy is taking testosterone or steroids. It makes people more aggressive. Where do you think all his bulk came from? A few extra sammiches in his diet? I don't think so. Sue!

2072 days ago


I have no probalem at ALL with Celebrities lashing out at the paps.
He's lucky he didn't push his camera in my face because I would have beaten his face in!
Gay camera guy got lucky.
The Paps, including the LOSERS at TMZ, have no right whatsoever to step on the rights
of private citizens or invade the privacy of others.

2072 days ago


First he intentionally spits by the camera guy, then kicks him? What are you thinking? I hope he charges you. Just because you are a star with lots of cash doesn't mean you can act like that! I'm pretty sure spitting is against the law, right there too. I'm no longer a fan.

2072 days ago


maybe he should have aimed a little higher and kicked you in the crouch and then your nuts would drop and you'd finally sound like a guy! Your so annoying!

2072 days ago


Your guy TMZ, is a total butt jockey who needs a slap! He was standing too close and was hit by a door. What a genius! He probably wails in pain from a paper cut. I just wish Jake would have B!tch Slapped him!

2072 days ago


Come on girlie boy, give people a little space. Minimum .. arms length.

2072 days ago


Aw boo-hoo Jake...poor baby has to to jury duty...he's a big movie star, how dare anyone ask him to do anything!....Hey Jake, try "acting" like your not above anyone - A-hole!

2072 days ago
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