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A Little Peace for Ashton

1/30/2009 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to turn his contempt towards his "dickweed" neighbor into something comical, Ashton Kutcher thanked the construction workers below his house for putting off their hammering until well after 7:30 AM.

Ashton Kutcher: Click to watch
Doing his best John Cusack impression, Kutcher and Demi blasted Peter Gabriel, held up a sign reading "Free Hugs" and even chucked bottles of Vitamin Water down to the rooftop workers below.

Ashton Kutcher: Click to watchHope nobody complains about the loud music ...


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Melissa B    

and why do you all assume he doenst work just bc you dont see him on shows anymore. he does plenty behind seens so stfu idots. I'm sure he works hard so eff off!!

2056 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

No way dude can afford a decent camera on the kind of putrid coin he pulls down.

2056 days ago


God he is milking this for all it's worth...
both Demi and Ashtin's careers are in the toilet so they resort to this silly nonsense to see their names in the paper..
these celebs b-tch when ppl want to take their photograph..
ohhh but when nobody cares about them or wants to take their picture, they resort to child-like antics..:eyeroll:
mommy needs to stop letting you sleep in until noon!! :eyeroll:

2056 days ago

artie help    

he sux. Backpeddling over compensating,in the closet douchebag. Go do something with your amazingly lucky life.

2056 days ago


It's a cellphone idiots not a camera that's why it's grainy ... streams cell vids

2056 days ago


the worker'z coulnt read the sign cuz he wrote in english,not spanish..............

2056 days ago


I agree he should walk over and apologize. He was talking loud enough for them to hear. He taped them, him and Demi need to get some dignity. They are so childish!

2056 days ago


Melissa your such a idiot lol
Defend ppl who would honestly never give you the time of day. Who needs a reality check here? Hummmmm
Doesn't ANYBODY remember the " key" sentence in all of this???
They are living in a home that took 10 YEARS to build....10 moron! I bet the neighbors LOVEEED that!

All Ashton is doing is making a total fool of himself... oh and I'm so not a Ashton hater, at all.


This is pathetic. Bawling over his sleep?
L.A. says you can start construction at 7am.......... GO AHEAD! DUH!

2056 days ago


true story: last year i was in mexico at a resort...there was a private villa off to the side surrounded by plants, etc....

i peeked through a little opening and there were demi and ashton having fun...i could swear it was them..ashton was licking demi's toes on a lounge

kind of off topic, but they were definetly hot

2056 days ago


Spoiled ass rotten celebrities can't deal with what they can't control. They would not make it here at my house seeing as how they are building houses all around mine and they start with the big trucks and hammering right at 7am and don't finish until 9pm. Get over it! Go take a vacation - just not in Colorado please. I used to like them, but the way Ashton is acting I won't watch another one of his movies or shows.

2056 days ago


It's amazing what some low-lifes do for attention instead of mocking hard working people. If he were sincere he would of walked the water over to his neighbor's workers instead of endangering them by throwing bottles of water at them. Ashton is a disgusting human being...and these recent videos confirmed that.

2056 days ago


Take note people: This is proof that money does NOT buy happiness. Otherwise, why would he be so consumed with this non-issue. I live in Arizona and they start construction at like 5AM because of the heat. If it makes him feel better to chuck water at or I mean for the workers and hold up a sarcastic sign that reads "free hugs," then let him get temporary pleasure. It all circles back anyway and comes out in the wash.

2056 days ago


I actually used to like both Ashton and Demi. However, Ashton obviously thinks far too highly of himself, and since you are the company you keep, Demi is probably equally delusional. The first mistake was ranting in public instead of handling things with his neighbor. How on earth is pelting bottles of vitamin water from one property to the next appropriate? Is it because you're Ashton Kutcher? Leave it alone, Ashton Butcher. Move if you must. Move to a 300 acre ranch and yell at the coyotes for howling. See how far pelting bottles of vitamin water at beings who don't care that you capitalise on making fools of people gets you.

2056 days ago

bsb fan    

The photo that you click on to play the video says "IMCOMING" instead of INcoming


2056 days ago


OK, Ashton is not a goof, he's just silly, and Demi is cool again. But I'd suggest walking over the bottles, unless Ashton has an arm the Baseball gods would be proud of. Unlikely. And if a bottle lands on a metal roof, you'll wake up the neighbors. Damn it! Thought they had the situation licked! Well, try again tomorrow morning..............maybe wrap the bottles in a plastic bag full of popcorn? "Incoming!" I'd like to see that, actually. Popcorn at 7am, anyone?

2056 days ago
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