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A Little Peace for Ashton

1/30/2009 1:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to turn his contempt towards his "dickweed" neighbor into something comical, Ashton Kutcher thanked the construction workers below his house for putting off their hammering until well after 7:30 AM.

Ashton Kutcher: Click to watch
Doing his best John Cusack impression, Kutcher and Demi blasted Peter Gabriel, held up a sign reading "Free Hugs" and even chucked bottles of Vitamin Water down to the rooftop workers below.

Ashton Kutcher: Click to watchHope nobody complains about the loud music ...


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TOTAL DOUCHEBAGS for thinking the f-ing world revolves around their sleep!!!! Quiet hours in my townhouse development are 10pm to 6 AM! Anything goes after 6:00 am.

You WOULD expect this from immature self-centered morons!! I think what is more important is that the construction workers have a job and make their minimal paychecks and go home to their two-bedrooms houses where they struggle to make ends meet and these two douchebags are worried about SLEEP????

I hope Demi and Ashton they realize how STUPID they are!

2094 days ago



2094 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Jobs??? Will there still be enough of them to go around anymore??? People are still getting up at 4,5,6 in the morning tio go to a jobs that are probably gonna be axed before the year is out. Then they'll have lots and lots of unwanted free time on their hands.

On a lighter note Ashton does work as an actor Probably makes great money [ more than the rest of us ever will ] and has no business complaining [ at least publicly] about the noise going on next door. He's lucky to have a roof over his head when so many people's homes are going into foreclosesure because they lost their jobs. Demi should've gotten up herself a 7:00 am gone in the livingroom and blasted the stereo in her panties.Found a nice LOUD rock station. I wonder if Ashton would complain about that.

Hopefully Ashton's change of heart of making peace with the workers was a result of his Demi straightening him out with a good,hard,spanking. He sure needed it.

2094 days ago


OK, here’s the thing; we work really hard to try and take care of ourselves and our families. We’re wonder if we are going to have a job tomorrow and what’s going to become of the thousands of people out of work. Hard working people that lost their jobs and won’t be able to find another one anytime in the near future.

So maybe during my break or lunch I have the quilt pleasure of going to TMZ on line, I need a bit of escapism. Sometimes it just makes me feel a tad bit better to know that many of these celebs with all their money and their cushy jobs still seem unhappy and make asses out of themselves.

2094 days ago


what jerks, ashton wait until summer when they can start at 6am...
get a job, get a life...

2094 days ago


Asston and Demi are just PATHETIC! He's like a two year old with an idea, and she is his enabler. My Gosh, they ARE getting desperate! It's too late now, you little fool and granny. Everybody knows this was no joke. And THROWING water bottles? Damn, just how cute can one couple be? How disgusting.

2094 days ago


Is he high? Surely these two delusional idiots can't think this would be funny or respectable. So much for that "Better American" pledge they gave to Okra. Have they no shame? After acting like idiots yesterday, (and it wasn't a joke - everybody knows that) instead of straightening up, they make amends like this? I hope people remember this little stunt a LONG time.

2094 days ago


Oh my LORD, Ror, that post was too funny. "Grandma rapist", !!!! Oh sh*t man, that's about too much for me today, I gotta go change my pants. I spilled my coffee on my lap, laughing so hard. So worth it.
Thanks man

2094 days ago


Keep digging that hole you little ass-wipe. Soon you'll be completely covered, and I'll be smiling even more.

2094 days ago


ATTENTION WHORES, both of them.

2094 days ago


ok ,no one hates early constructionmore than me! BUT!!!! throwing glass juice and I do hope it was plastic isn't a good morning welcome.Maybe ,drive it over in one of your many cars and maybe bring some egg sandwiches? also,please,get a better video camara to record this stuff.

2094 days ago


I will drop kick their arses into next week!

2094 days ago

Wanda W.    

Attention Mrs. Kutcher.......,Your son is bored and is in need of attention and/or a new toy to play with !!!!!!

2094 days ago


They are only being nice now because they probebly read what gigatic losers they are, they could care less about those workers.

2094 days ago

we will miss MJ    

You can take these two idiots out of the trailer park but you can't the trailer park out of the idiots. They should move back to where they both grew up (trailer parks) and see how loud it is there and what happends to you when you complain about it.

Fcking self obsorbed un-educated a-holes.

2094 days ago
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