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Jessica Simpson Keeps It Tight

1/30/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Goodbye mom jeans, hello spandex/leathery leggings!

Wedged into a black corseted blazer and matching skin-tight leggings, Jessica Simpson belted out some songs at a concert in Virginia last night.

This performance came sans a chili cook-off.


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The fat slutt now look like a $ five dollar whore.

2057 days ago


People are cruel, insensitive and just plain ignorant. For all of you out there rolling in the "glory" of seeing Jessica Simpson with a few pounds -- shame on each and every one of you. She looks beautiful. I am not a big fan of her music, but I must stand up for her as a woman -- and, yes, I am of average weight, so no throwing me under the bus. Size 10 and lovin it.' and I get plenty of attractive male attention. In a world where so many women starve themselves, it is refreshing to see her at what probably is an ideal weight. So, she has a few pounds over the anorexic body Hollywood wants her to have. At least she seems in love, happy, and as far as doing lower-venues, like Rascal Flatts, let me tell you, that Rascal Flatts' songs are number one everywhere; and Jessica Simpson has put herself in a financial position after all of her
years of hard work to do whatever she wishes. So, all of you who are enjoying the bashing, the last laugh is on you. You do not appreciate a "real" woman, and may I add, Jessica has enough money to play or not play a concert. All stars have their brief moment of limelight superstardom; now, she still enjoys her music and has a bank account most of us can only dream of; and a boyfriend who is handsome and rich. All of you bashers are just plain ignorant. There is not a thumble-full
of sense with all of you put together.

2057 days ago

Sin D    

Y U M M Y ! She looka better than ever. Please Jess do some bra/panty pics ....PLEASE!!!

2057 days ago


her figure is not comparable to kim kardashian or beyonce. they have curves and they're fit. jessica is not in shape, she's just gained weight & that's the difference imo.

2057 days ago


Jessica is not fat. She is in fact, beautiful.
Sweet Fancy Moses who is picking out her clothes? They are awful!
Message to Jessica:
Sweetie, hire a good stylist or ask for a Classy friend's advice. There are millions of us trying to stick up for you all over the internet.....but, darlin', it is impossible to defend your outfits. Most of us are women, or mothers. You are not fat and we love your curves....your clothes? Well, they are freaking hideous! Now stop it. You know better. It looks like you THINK that dressing in garb that you found at the local trailer park trash receptacle makes you look country. For goodness sakes, stop it. You look foolish and cheap.
Now do yourself a favor and go on a shopping spree on MELROSE or the Beverly Center. Leave your dad at home. He's creepy. We want to see you in funky, cool, classy clothes, not the crap you have been wearing.

2057 days ago


Who let the dog out ????
She can't be fresh as a daisy down there in those plastic pants.

2057 days ago


I absolutely cannot believe that people are calling this girl fat!!! In a world where preteen girls are starving themselves and women everywhere are judging themselves why, WHY, WHY, are you continuing to slander a gorgeous and curvy woman. She is not fat, she is a woman with beautiful curves that we should be complimenting her on and congratulating her for not trying to be disgustingly thin at the sacrifice of her own health. What do these comments do to other girls who are somewhat overweight, seeing you judge Jessica as fat....sheesh, this is an embarrassment to the human race that this is the thing you choose to pick apart. Jessica, you are gorgeous and so far from fat it is just an absolute joke that people are doing this, I'm farmore embarrassed for these people that seem to have nothing better to do. To all the girls out there, embrace your curves and the individual beauty no matter what it is. Jessica, we need you to be an example of someone not giving in to this sort of base, and false slander.

2057 days ago


Jesus people what the hell... what is she a size three? she is not fat she did gain weight but by all means not fat! I hate her singing but don't call the girl fat, missy elliot used to be fat, star jones was fat, rosanne was fat... jessica simpson... NOT FAT :)

2057 days ago


Check out the awards Rascal Flatt's has won, they seem to be pretty popular:

2057 days ago


Wayne Matthews, come out of the closet honey. It's not bad to be
gay. Just stop pretending that you like women at all, and looking at
women who are a size 8 and calling them fat. REAL MEN who have a
sexual preference for women like curves. This is why breast implants
are selling at an all time high. Same with butt implants. And why
you don't see any surgeries to remove nice curves like that and make
a woman's body board stiff and hard.'s okay to be gay, honey. Most people aren't homophobic
any longer and the ones that are? Just turn your nose up at them,
sweety. You don't have to pretend to like women when you prefer the
hard,.sticklike body mass index of men. Just be real!

2057 days ago



2057 days ago


Face it.
The beotch is FAT and dating a weirdo who does not have ballz enough to stand up for her.

2057 days ago


Style Rule #1: Wear clothes that fit! She looks like a stuffed sausage because the damn clothes are too tight! She wore cute dresses for so long, then realized she'd gained weight and her pants didn't fit. Buy some new clothes so everyone will shut the hell up, Jessica!

2057 days ago

A young mom disgusted with this story    

Maybe I'm crazy and I'm not seeing what everyone else is seeing but she is not FAT! My thoughts seem to matched by many level headed individuals as I read through these comments. I personally like Jessica Simpson. Why is she hated on so much? Because she married her first love and it didnt work out? Hmmm can name quite a few people that happened to but at least they didnt have to deal with the thoughts of every person in the world. Is it that she is rich that makes her more easier to hate on? That is just stupid. Leave the poor lady alone. She is beautiful and is happy with herself and they way she looks. That should say a lot about her right there!

2057 days ago


It's fascinating, no one ever calls Beyonce, Rihanna or any of the African-American celebrities fat, even though their butt and thighs are bodacious - but I guess if you're a white chick it's completely off limits.

2057 days ago
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