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Britney Will Cancel Tour If Kiddies Can't Come

2/2/2009 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will cancel her upcoming tour if K-Fed's lawyers continue to block an agreement allowing her to take the kids on the road -- informed sources tell us.

Britney Spears
Here's what we know. For weeks, Britney, K-Fed and Jamie Spears have been privately hashing out a plan to let the kids travel with Brit while she goes on tour. The plan is to have homes in three bases -- New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Sean Preston and Jayden James would stay in one of these three bases and mom would commute back and forth while doing concerts in each region.

And here's a fun fact. We've learned Britney will pay Kevin in excess of $4,000 a week for each week she's on tour. The way the deal goes... Brit would get K-Fed his own pad in each of the three bases and he wouldn't even have to show up to get the money! Why, you ask, would she pay him? You figure it out....

So here's the rub: Britney, K-Fed and Jamie worked out the arrangement without the help of any of the lawyers. We're told a week ago K-Fed's lawyers became aware of the plan and were furious, thinking Jamie went behind their backs. Sources tell us K-Fed's lawyers have said they object to the plan but won't specifically say why. And Kevin apparently doesn't have the cojones to stand up to his lawyers.

Britney WILL cancel the tour if she can't take her kids... we know that for a fact.

By the way, Britney now has close to 50/50 custody and the trio has also worked out a long-term agreement, which would extend the arrangement. That, too, could be compromised.

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Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, says neither he nor Kevin want to interfere with Brit's career. He says it could have been handled better if Jamie and company would have "manned up" and had Kevin got the benefit of his lawyers to protect his position. Kaplan says he's going to present his own wording of the deal, but thinks they'll work it out.


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frogs and gravel    

It is a good idea, only if K-Fed's girlfriend comes along to help take care of the kids.

2057 days ago

frogs and gravel    

First! Non-Grouchy Biatches.

2057 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She has just managed to piss off Kfed with her childish rants about his new girlfriend and the courts aren't likely to be as impressed by her ability to purchase things/people. And last time I checked, Kfed had 100% custody and she only had visitation. It will probably be better for the kids not to be around when she has her meltdown on the tour anyway! She is DELUSIONAL!!!

2057 days ago

TMZ is sucking up to Jamie    

She doesn't have close to 50/50 custody. She has NO custody. She visits with her kids and only if her father is there.

2057 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Yea, what a great idea. Pull the children out of school so they can spend the night in a
different hotel room every couple of days.

2057 days ago


special k fake is paid off of brit brit's estate, of course he's gonna let those kiddies join the psycho circus. hell if anything special k fake is just making a big deal so he could get some more TMZ time on the site and TV or where ever else i suppose. special k fake should have taken the money off the windsheild, what's with wrong with free money. use it to tip a valet or something, freaking special k fake the bowler this guy should hit up lady ga ga is she has any money or that sands chick

2057 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

If ever there was a plan doomed to failure, this is it! Too bad for you fans that there aren't refund scalers for your tickets!

2057 days ago


K FED DUMPEDS HIS BLACK KIDS TO GO WITH BRIT now he steals her money and keeps these boys and quiets the b*tch with those kids by giving her and their two boys Brit's money. Then he goes with a crazy who has been aggressive against the law from school age, and is an ugly whacko and spends Brit's money on her. GIVE BRIT HER KIDS AND MAKE K'FED GET A JOB AND HIS ATTORNEY'S STEALING HER MONEY TAKE A BREAK. If she can't work and support ALL of them including the women past and present in his life, he'll be without. K FED OUTTA IS A DEAD HEAD USER

2057 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

99centz was here granny tranny=2TMZx2

2057 days ago


Honestly, the kids belong in school and not on tour. Kids do not belong on tour, no matter who they belong to, they need stability. Britney should be looking out for what is best for them, not her.

She also needs to cancel her tour and fade away for a few years. She has a lot more healing to do before she should even attempt to be a star again, if she can even be one.

2057 days ago


What do you get when you cross a K with a fed?.A KKK Fed white white baby.

2057 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sorry, 'refund SCALPERS'. You fans could use such a service, if one existed.

2057 days ago


hey # 11...I 'll whoop your b&$#@ ass if I ever catch your ass!!!how dare you stupid mo'fo use my name my name to post some stupid bull-sh$&#!!! I dont play,,,you will see!!!

2057 days ago


Umm her kids are what 3 and 2? I think if anything they might miss out on daycare.And I dont see whats wrong with this. Britney wants the kids to be around her and will give Kevin his own place to stay so they can all be together. The kids wont even be near the concerts so its not like there going to be around that atmosphere. I know where you coming from with the whole stability thing, but with Kevin and Britney there, I dont see a problem.

2057 days ago


#11 your a piece of dog sh%&$#...I have a trace on your wont be long till we meet!!!You ever use my name again to use youy racist crap...your dead meat!!!

2056 days ago
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